Engineering Digital Marketing Agency in Nigeria

Engineering Digital Marketing Agency in Nigeria


Engineering Digital Marketing Agency in Nigeria AdHang can help you to advertise online your engineering services in Nigeria using social media, search engines, and special websites like news sites, blogs, forums and online business groups.

For more than a decade, Engineering Digital Marketing Agency in Nigeria AdHang has been helping companies across the globe to create online adverts, and achieve their digital marketing goals in Nigeria – from serving as construction digital marketing agency in Nigeria to technology digital marketing provider in Africa.   

AdHang can help you market across Nigeria all manners of engineering services and products, some of which are as follows:

  • Machine design and fabrication : food processing machines, briquette machines, spare parts e.g shafts, gears,plates,etc,
  • Forklifts, Plastic grinding machines, aluminum baling machines, steel buildings and structures, container conversion and fabrication, mast erection, tank fabrication, piping, profiling machines, etc.
  • House building
  • Industrial borehole water system
  • Road constructions
  •  Industrial machines maintenance
  •  Installing and maintaining heating, ventilation and Air conditioning/ Refrigeration
  • Porta cabin building
  •  Industrial process automation
  • Street lights installations
  • Electrical power and wiring

As the first Engineering Digital Marketing Agency in Nigeria, AdHang uses world-class experts, comprehensive state-of-the-art tools, and technologies, over ten years experience, and widest online coverage to inform, persuade, remind, and reinforce to reach millions of prospects across Nigeria and Africa to hire the agency’s clients.  Whether your engineering company in Nigeria is new or an establish company, AdHang has online advertising packages to suit your budget. The agency will use its digital marketing expertise to choose the advertising platforms, and harness the power of advanced technologies, digital marketing components, and all powerful online platforms and sites to run cohesive and coherent campaigns to reach out to millions of people or a specific audience.

Objectives AdHang’s engineering digital marketing can help you achieve

  1. Awareness about your engineering services and products
  2. Get clients across Nigeria
  3.  Backlinks to your website
  4.  Educating the prospects now and in the future
  5. Search engine ranking of your website and company’s name
  6. Permanent promotional piece about the services/products online from multiple sources
  7. Foster potential clients’ confidence as they search online and the different positive contents about the your name and services/products will be seen

Digital marketing strategies for engineering companies in Nigeria AdHang will use

No limit. In short AdHang uses thousands sites, employs 6 components of digital marketing such as SEO, social media, internet display, mobile marketing, content marketing and influencers marketing and incorporates tens of online marketing tools, from video, internet banner, to press release, headline to contextual ad, etc.. It depends on your budget.

See AdHang’s online advertising costs in Nigeria.