Mobile Tank Cleaning and Fuel Filtration in Nigeria -Longer Life for your Generators

Have you identified contamination issues in your fuel/diesel storage tank?

Are you aware of the need for preventative maintenance to ensure your storage tanks, and your valuable fuel, stay in peak condition always?

Do you know that over 2% water in fuel can shutdown Generator and Machinery, thus leading to higher Operational Cost?

The drive for a cleaner environment has no doubt made it necessary to keep vehicle emissions clean. This has led governments all over the world to creating laws to promote the use of clean energy, as well as ensuring that vehicle emissions are clean.However, the demand for oil seems to be insatiable and hence the pressure on oil refineries to produce more. These refineries, in other to stretch production quantities, end up compromising on the quality of petroleum.  Hence the need for fuel cleaning, and filtration – today, more than ever.

Why your Fuel needs Recirculation

All fuels contain some water in suspension, but unlike gasoline, diesel fuel is less refined and will hold a much larger amount.It is not uncommon for these tanks to accumulate as much as 1% water as a result of condensation. The presence of water can cause excessive injector wear, filter plugging, power loss and corrosion of engine fuel system parts, resulting in costly repairs.Also, it results in microbial contamination, where organisms such as bacteria, fungi, Yarrowia, Cephalosporium, Penicillium, Hormoconisresinae and Aspergillusfumigatus grow at the water/fuel interface.

As these happen, long filaments, large mats, or globules are produced which cling to the tank walls, pumps, fuel lines, and engine parts.Filters become clogged causing poor engine performance and even possible failure. As organisms metabolize they produce more water, sludge, and acidic byproducts which can corrode metals in contact with the fuel.Over time these microbes/bugs grow into large colony forming units which get sucked into fuel lines blocking filters.

Where We Come in

At Zone International Petroleum, we help promote the life of generators in Nigeria. We give you peace of mind when it comes to making sure your fuel tank and fuel supply are both in good condition. We have been at the cutting edge of technology in Tank Cleaning, Wet Tank Calibration and Remote Real Time Fuel Monitoring Applications for Commercial Facilities Bulk Fuel Storage Tanks in Nigeria. That is to say our approach to fuel conditioning is unique and innovative. Our equipment, methods and programs protect your engines and preserve the integrity of stored fuel.

Zone International Petroleum has been in the industry for years in Lagos and has extensive knowledge in modern mobile tank cleaning systems. We pride on a team of experts and quality professionals with vast experience in the energy sector in Nigeria and are all out to ensure that our clients have at least 99% Pure Fuel at all times.

Ready to save your fuel, prevent generator shutdown and reduce operation cost in Nigeria? We are here for you.

To this end, we are happy to announce that End Of Year Promo, we are giving out aFREE Wet Tank calibration for Tanks over 33,000 liters in Capacity of Commercial Tanks”

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