Angry Imo Women Storms Streets, Protest Against Ladies Using Indecent Dressing To Snatch Their Husbands

A video of some  women from Imo state who are alleging that younger ladies are “snatching” their husbands with indecent dressing has surfaced on social media.

Naija News reports that the women in the viral video captured women singing in Igbo language, on the streets held up banners which captured their grievances.

The women who number up to twenty imposed fines against younger ladies who wear indecent outfits, adding that should they fail to pay the fine, they will have them to contend with.

Watch video and reactions below;

iamdx2 wrote; ‘Send those girls with big Back to Lagos for #BBNaija audition’

omareine wrote; ‘They won’t protest about bad government and the killings in South east misplaced priorities’

Ion wrote; ”mama u sef try Dey wear crop top n bomshorts just kidding.”

brownesuga__’All they know is husband’

sasha_beckley1 wrote; ‘I hear in Imo, young men and being taken from their homes and carried away. Isn’t that more of a priority than this??? Any man that can be snatched Isn’t worth being married to.’

iamkellyeazy wrote; ‘Leave the innocent girls, Una husband no dey stay one place, what’s Life without Big yansh’

stylettenigeria wrote; ‘‘These women should get a little shame and rest. How can the person who promised you forever decide to embarrass himself and the institution of marriage, instead of talking to him or walking away. You carry placards and enter the streets to further humiliate yourself.”

glamlooksmakeovers wrote; ”Girls should dress more decently, Men be faithful to your wives close your eyes and face your wives at home. Wives, you sef dress attractively. Stop using being a wife to dress like his grandma! You can look good for you husbands too, stop wearing wrapper, hair nets and shapeless boubous. Wear nice outfits, smell good for your husbands!”

This article was originally published on Nigeria News

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