Xplore Universe – Taking Nigerian Youth to the Forefront of Empowerment via Creative Arts

Youth is a country’s biggest asset and this malleable section of society needs empowerment so that they can take the country forward involving wholesome development. Xplore Universe understands this and as an organization, it is committed to taking the Nigerian youth, specifically underprivileged youth to explore a universe of opportunities and possibilities, bridging the gaps among them and make them achieve their ambitions and pay it forward.

Managed and controlled by save pay Multi-Business Enterprise, Xplore Universe brings youth to stand in the limelight of the creative arts – the thespian and musical areas of specialization.

Youths that are seriously considering to pursue a career in showbiz will have visibility, exposure and of course the required training. With qualified agents and professionals at hand, Xplore Universe facilitates auditions and kickstarts the careers of the Nigerian youth who take on this chance to launch themselves as actors and singers.

Acting auditions in Nigeria

For acting, Xplore Universe takes a person under their wing for a time span of one to two years, depending on how successful their acting endeavors come to be. Then, the youths are taken home abroad to act in a movie with a global viewership, focusing the spotlight on them after which the youths are able to flourish in the cine field by building on their acting skills. As for singing, after taking note of talented and young Nigerian singers, Xplore Universe then works to maximize their potential – qualified personnel will refine the singing talents so that they sound professional. After excelling in the audition, the youths will be supported physically, mentally, morally and functionally where song recordings are embarked upon and events will be organized for the youths to perform at. Xplore Universe will be by these young Nigerian’s side every step of the way.

The programs are for youth in 13 to 35 age. Xplore Universe requires complete data from participants in order to take them to new heights.

With the vision to have Nigerian youth being highly independent and successful does the Xplore Universe youth talent hunt program operates. And, they are molding youth to step up and own greater excellence.