Mabwe Social Networking Site – the New African Social Media Platform that Seeks to be Different


Social networking has become an indispensable part of life today. With different interfaces and usefulness, social networking sites provide users with the kind of services preferred or rather, simply innovated and users falling into the habit into using it. This is true for any technology advancements made in the history of mankind. A need is created then the gadget or technology that fulfills that need is created. After that a demand and supply are created. People may hesitate to embrace the newfangled tech, even being borderline averse to it but eventually, in time, the tech becomes something a large group of humanity cannot do without. Mabwe is such an innovation.The newly developed African social networking site has 4 niches – Connect, Career, Mabwe411 and Marketplace Africa. It has a website with applications available on Apple and play stores. As a social networking site, Mabwe is dedicated to the current residents in the cradle of humanity, Africans and the African continent. Having youth living in urban African cities and Africans who vie to be connected with their fellow Africans on a close knit social media networking platform as target, Mabwe aspires to build an established African social networking site.

The potential of Mabwe is also political. Politics within the African region would zoom in on Mabwe as Mabwe brings youth together as political leaders. In turn, the politically informed and leadership assumed youth will be highly empowered to work on issues that are specific to the African continent. An example would be the African Continental Free Trade Area Agreement and Nigeria’s refusal to go on board with it and discourses on other African political issues.

Mabwe411 niche of Mabwe seeks to engage communities and have them share news about their communities say, interesting events in Kampala, innovations, inspiring stories, corruption stories – anything that may escape the wide lens of news media would be captured and shared in Mabwe411 of Mabwe social networking site. Mabwe411 is a gateway to community betterment as users of Mabwe are enabled to share their opinions on matters they feel passionate about and require in-depth looking into. Building a web of connectedly informed, ever augmenting and magnifying matters and proposing solutions is what Mabwe411 aims to achieve. Mabwe411 is also potentially politically motivated – it has the plasticity to harness the political will of African nations across the borders.

Mabwe’s founder is confident the main categories or filters of Mabwe that comprise of Connect, Career, Mbawe411 and Marketplace Africa would open the floodgates to an extensive social networking. The site is developed in such a way that is engaging, the site being a repository of shared and pooled information, particularly the goings-on in the African nations is a true revolution in its right. The four categories that Mabwe have as features have their modus operandimake Mabwe truly different and totally refreshing in terms of practical and applied use. Mabwe has a varied range of social networking uses.

Mabwe aims to redefine social networking for not only Africans within the African continent but also Africans and non-Africans around the world vying to keep tabs on everything African.

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