Nigeria Map Puzzle game

Nigeria Map Jigsaw – Absolutely Must Have Game, It’s Fun & Educative – Just Play on and Enjoy

Tired of waiting in queues or bored during those long journeys? Looking for a way to release stress and relax after a hard day? Or do you simply need some distraction and fun in between your busy day? Then, immersing yourself in a good game is the perfect solution for you.

We all at some point need some fun in life, particularly when there is nothing to do. However, finding the right game isn’t always as easy as it seems, especially if you have trouble finding games on the Play Store. Rather than just sitting and scrolling through apps and monotonous games, here’s introducing a new game roundup to help in this endeavor – Nigeria Map Jigsaw.

This is a way turn your map of Nigeria into a fun jigsaw puzzle game to play and is a great activity for the whole family to play together.

There’s nothing like snapping that perfect piece into place.

It’s easy and simple to play, and yet provides the best relaxing pastime in an awesome addictive way by breaking down your beloved country map into pieces and a challenging gameplay to assemble the pieces and solve the puzzle!

This is even more fun compared to your regular offline jigsaw puzzle game. And since this is a computer version of jigsaw puzzles, you have the advantages of requiring zero cleanups and no risk of losing any pieces.

This game is not just fun, but educational as well as there is an aspect where you attempt to answer general questions on history, sports, tourism and politics. Every correct answer earns you points. Players of this game get to learn about the culture, history, and even politics of Nigeria. This makes it ideal for players of all ages. A great and undeniable benefit of this game is that it helps form the basis for understanding our country, our states, and our world.

We understand that puzzle games live and die on learning curves and striking the subtle balance between being too easy and being too hard. When you stray too far in one direction, you end up losing players to either boredom or frustration. This is why the game exists in 3 levels – the EASY, MEDIUM and HARD.

For EASY level, the state boundary lines are shown on the map. To fix the piece will require finding the states in the panel that corresponds to its actual location on the map.

For the MEDIUM level, the state boundary lines are not shown on the map. So fixing the piece will require the player picking a panel with the state name attached and then drag it to its position.

Lastly, for the HARD level, the state boundary lines are still not shown on the map. Also, the names of the states attached are not shown too. This implies that the player for the names of the state will only show when the player places all the states on the panel.

A crucial component of any game is the CHALLENGE. With the Nigeria Map Jigsaw, you can expect obstacles to be deliberatelythrown your way; where you are to take pleasure in overcoming them. Depending on your level, expect to be challenged!

Have some swashbuckling fun and put these jigsaw puzzles back together.

Play on!

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