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In 2050, Nigeria will be the third most populous nation in the world, and three-quarters of Nigerian web traffic being generated via smartphones. Business owner trusted AdHang Digital Agency to advance their business to the next level.

In mid-2017, about 1.25 billion people lived in Africa, and Nigeria was the most populous nation on the continent. Estimated in 2050, the country will be the third most populous nation in the world. A high fertility rate and increasing life expectancy are the reasons of Nigeria’s growing population.

In the year 2018, Nigeria had 92.3 million internet users. This figure is predicted  to grow to 187.8 million internet users in 2023. The internet penetration amounted to 47.1 percent of the population in 2018 and in the year 2023 is set to reach 84.5 percent. In the country almost three-quarters of Nigerian web traffic being generated via smartphones, this made Nigeria ranked at the top of the list of African countries based on the share of traffic via mobile. Sudan and Ghana mentioned as other African markets with a similar share of mobile online traffic.

There are many ways to commercializing a business in Nigeria and social media marketing agency in Nigeria becomes the most needed company to hire. AdHang is one of the leading online advertising agencies in Nigeria with more than 10 years of experience. AdHang will help customers finding a targeted market for their products.

Business owners tend to use a digital marketing agency for some reasons. There were almost 50 million mobile internet users in Nigeria, and mobile phone internet usage is the most popular nowadays. This is good news for business owners to market products via the internet in Nigeria. Product’s marketing via internet is easy and doesn’t require a lot of money compared to offline marketing. 

AdHang as a digital company that grows rapidly and trusted by business society in Nigeria, has several services in terms of social media marketing, i.e. Social media planning/marketing strategies, social media/fan page account creating, ads setup and management, advertising image design/infographic, sponsored ads creation, content creation article/press release, video, social media, content sharing, fanbase/social media account management, and more.

Nigeria’s business owner trusted AdHang to advance their business to the next level. AdHang with its team tailored their marketing plans to meet the client’s expectations. To achieve the aims, the company has the standard to meet their client’s requirements. AdHang will help clients to get their goals through several ways, they are: give traffic to the client’s website, build/repair public opinion, generate leads, attract participants to an event, awareness and public enlightenment, maintain active social media account, support customer service goals, etc.

To achieve those goals, there is something to be paid. So, how much do social media managers charge in nigeria? According to AdHang,  Social media ads creation and sponsored ad management, the price starts from ($28) or 10000 Naira/daily per social media, to reach 10,000 to 20,000 people, and impression up to 25,000. Social media account management price N99,000 ($272) Monthly (non sponsored ads). Fans page design’s cost N50,000 ($139) and for any other social media service prices, customers can contact directly at +2348034283159

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