Online Market Advertising in Nigeria

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Online market advertising in Nigeria by AdHang can help you advertise on the internet your online store, classified site, or business listing site that facilitates buying and selling online in Nigeria. Cost of advertising in Nigeria is very cheap online compare to other methods of advertising like TV, Radio and Newspaper; and internet audience in Nigeria tends to grow every day.  According to NCC Nigeria has active 119 million internet users, and this number tends to grow as more and more Nigerians are coming online to do many things, including buying and browsing online markets in Nigeria.  

Online market advertising in Nigeria can be done by hiring AdHang, the leading Nigerian online advertising agency in Nigeria with 10+ years experience helping businesses across the globe to advertising in Nigeria and around Africa.  

AdHang has lots of online advertising strategies for online market advertising in Nigeria, from search engine optimization in Nigeria, internet display advertising to social media marketing and content marketing. The way and manner AdHang goes about these differ from one online market advertising to the other.

It depends on your objectives for the online market advertising in Nigeria; the goals, budget, timframe, target audience, etc.  For example, recently, AdHang helped an online supermarket to embark on many online advertising works, among which are as follows:

  1. In the past one month,  the store’s advert was posted 380 times in 80+  marketplace groups whose members consist of 10, 000 – 300, 000 in individual groups; with all approximately 5 million + users. These posts permanently remain there; the social media adverts can be viewed by members of these social media groups and public.
  2. There was a write-up published permanently on these two sites and
  3. The online store advertising banners were displayed for 30 days in multiple Nigerian websites and blogs.

In working at Online Market Advertising in Nigeria, AdHang has holistic and systematic online advertising to continue for a long period of time, if you make sales in the next 30 days, it will increase as you continue advertising with the agency, as more people will be getting to know your brand, the more they see the adverts through AdHang’s online advertising works the more they will believe the online marketplace and patronize the company.  Even if no sale is made in the in the next 30 days, with the way the agency runs advert, you will still be in the right track, and accumulating brand equity and momentum will be slowly being gathered which will trigger sales; because it takes seeing advert average of 7 times for a person to recognize and understand it, and average of seeing same advert 15 times to believe and take action (buy, enquire, signup, etc).

Hiring AdHang for Online Market Advertising in Nigeria will put your online market in the right track and help you spread your tentacles across Nigeria and accelerate your marketplace’s brand recognition and recall.  AdHang will be tweaking the online advertising every month, for example, can replace posting on social media groups (to avoid accuse of spamming), with blog posts, and other content marketing such as online press release and publish the news release on PR sites which consist of blogs and news sites, and sharing the links on influencers social media’s accounts such as in twitter, pinterest,, etc.

In all these more brand equity will be created which will have an effect on increase of sales now and in the future.

To know more about how Online Market Advertising in Nigeria works using AdHang, click here.