Mabwe, the New African Social Networking Site – Forming a Formidable Social Network Platform


Madwe is a newly developed African social networking site with niches on Connect, Career, Mabwe411 and Marketplace Africa. It has a website with applications available on Apple and play stores. As a social networking site, is defined by the 4 distinct niches – Connect, Career, Mabwe411 and Marketplace Africa. This social networking platform targets urban youth and city dwellers. The potential is also political as Mabwe is able to bring youth together as political leaders to work on issues that are exclusive to the African continent like the African Continental Free Trade Area Agreement and other African political issues.

According to Mabwe’s founder, the main categories or filters of Mabwe would pave way to an extensive social networking that is engaging and chock-full with information, particularly the goings-on in the African nations. The four categories that define Mabwe social networking site Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) make Mabwe truly different and totally have a multiple prong and objectives that fulfill a range of social networking needs. To be precise, Mabwe actually opens up new social networking agendas – this is in a bid to explore and tap the endless possibilities social networking and digital technology possess. For all intents and purposes, the social media networking aspect contained in online technology is seminal – Mabwe just dabbled into the tip of the iceberg, barely scratching the surface. But, it’s a start that opens up all kinds of opportunities.

Mabwe’s 2 most prominent niches are Connect and Career. Both filters are expected to attract most users in the African region to sign up to Mabwe and start using the social networking site like they do Facebook and any other mainstream global social media. What makes Mabwe stand out is its target of Africans. But, anyone interested in African ethos and what is happening in the countries existing in the continent will find Mabwe extremely useful.

The category Connect of Mabwe is a catalyst to create a big African community that is closely connected, thus making sharing and mutual interest creation a very much attainable possibility. Just like popular social media such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, the Connect niche of Mabwe makes the people of the African continent stay connected and communication of issues inherent and specific to African ethos discussed on a common social networking platform.

Mabwe social networking site’s Career category is almost like LinkedIn – just not as formal and rigid. The Career filter of Mabwe allows users to share not only information of their profession but go one step ahead and gather and share information about jobs available within the continent. The Career option of Mabwe can have job seekers and employers display their job search and employment lookout which culminates in job matching. This niche of Mabwe provides a win-win situation for all Africans within the job market – business advertising and doing business are fields that Mabwe’s Career option supports as well.

Within the Mabwe platform, there’s \”MY54\” video category – this is where users can post 54-second clips about anything and status updates.

Mabwe’s attributes are a mixture of connective digital technology in the realm of social networking. It’s truly a multi-purpose platform that covers a number of social network building and information sharing. With the combined social networking niches within Mabwe, the potential is vast as well as varied.

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