Why Online Advertising is the Best for Nigerian Business

Online advertising has come to stay, many companies’ owners have heard the word online advertising, some have been persuaded to use online advertising in Nigeria, and some are even currently use online advertising to promote their businesses. The question many are asking is “why is spending in online advertising the best in Nigeria?” compare to traditional media buying in Nigeria.

Today, we will be looking at 5 common reasons why online advertising is the best.

Below are why online advertising is the best.

  • It is cheap
  • Advert can be tracked
  • Ads can be personalized
  • Online content is permanent
  • It is modern

It is Cheap

Online advertising is cheap compare to traditional media advertising, you can start online advertising as low as N10, 000 daily , which is rare or not applicable to other ”above the line advertising”  like billboard, newspaper, TV, etc.  You can get online advertising free, although not recommended if you need serious advertising, there are good online advertising rates in Nigeria to help you advertise online effectively.

Advert can be Tracked

Online advertising in Nigeria allows you to track your advertising activities (views, clicks, impressions, etc), and this will help your company to know which platform is working for your goals and which site that is not achieving your objectives.  The ability to track advertisement is one of aspects that why online advertising is the best. Whether you’re using social media marketing in Nigeria, search engine marketing, internet display advertising, or mobile marketing; all these can be tracked, and used to make an informed decisions.

Ads can be Personalized

One major why online advertising is the best for Nigerian companies it’s its ability to reduce information on one on one basis. Unlike traditional media that tend to be for a mass appeal or untargeted, online advertising in Nigeria can easily reach individuals by age, gender, behavior, operating system they use, etc.  In other words, online advertising makes it possible to reach a target customers and potential buyers faster and easier through their smart phones, laptops, etc.

Online Content is Permanent

Using content marketing which is a branch of digital marketing; this makes it possible for any content created during online advertising to remain online forever (until it is removed, or the used site stop functioning), such as press release, case study, info graph, review, article, video, testimonial, etc.  This is a significant why online advertising is the best, and this makes it possible to continue advertising even when you have stopped paying for adverts. Your posts can be permanent on blogs, news sites, forums, etc.

It is Modern

Online advertising is modern way of advertising; millions of Nigeria’s consumers are online through their smart phones and surfing internet. Unlike traditional media, internet resonates with millions of Nigerians, as a result internet is the best way to reach millions Nigerians both old and young. For example, millions of Nigerians take their phones along anywhere they go, as a result can easily be reached irrespective of their location.  

These are why online advertising is the best.