Mr Speaker,

I pray this meets you in a sound condition of health and faith.  May I begin by letting you know that I am not a politician?

Let me first remind you that hours after AbdulRaheem Agboola of Ilorin South Local Government was declared winner at the Court of Appeal, I read in the news that the Executive Governor of Kwara State Malam AbdurRahman AbdulRazaq saluted his resiliency with significant congratulatory message. The Governor’s message was meaningful in and of itself, as it depicted him as a leader sincerely willing to abide by the law.

But it was every conscientious Kwaran’s worst nightmare: that the man issued a certificate of return by INEC was denied entry into the Assembly complex on your order. I hereby implore you to kindly adhere to the rule of law. We have lived long under nepotism to recognize it if it returns. This prioritization of adherence to the rule of law is what crippled the progress of Kwara. One would expect you make genuine moves towards healing wounds and exude the zeal to democratically lead.

The question really is what warranted such decision? Is it to untie yourself from the barrage of questions and challenges from an opposition in the House?  Or to send a broader signal to the PDP that it is time for political vengeance? Whatever the answer may be, such excessive use of power is a clear case of outrageous transgression that requires outright condemnation, for it would in no way help your political and social fortunes but precipitates more ill-will and tradeoffs.

I write only as a Kwaran appalled by the fact that the same people who voted overwhelmingly to take down Saraki are yet to raise their voices in unison to stand up to you for your refusal to swear in the winner, Agboola. Only those who are willing to excuse almost any misconduct on the premise that ‘the APC stalwart is always right’ would keep their arms akimbo in the face of your extremely worrisome act.

Perhaps, some Kwarans are accessing your performance with the binoculars of a liberator who is yet to get his political binary codes after having salvaged his people from their perceived oppressors, hence they tag you and your cabinet members as liberators. It is therefore expected of you not to be intoxicated by power now that Kwarans believe you and your cohorts are the saviour that are long expected.

It is imperative that you refuse to be a demi-god and do the needful by conducting the necessary swear-in ceremony for Honourable AbdulRaheem Agboola from Ilorin South Local Government.

I am a native of Ilorin South who would never compromise the truth for partisan politics with hope that you shall be held accountable for your inconsequentialities while in office. While I pray that Allah shields you from the inane cacophony of power intoxication and protects you from the misguidance of political prostitutes, the struggle of Kwarans would not amount to nought in the name of senseless loyalty and blind followership. 

Yours faithfully,

Sheriff Olanrewaju.