Contrary to what many believe, the Buharis and Osinbajos of this world are not the real pain in the neck of our beloved nation. If we are genuinely interested in knowing the root of our national instability, merely channeling our collective grievances only to the despotically failed leadership will predictably not produce the desired result. We must address the real issues.

About two weeks now, armed SSS men invaded the courtroom, disrupted court proceedings, in the bid to re-arrest Mr. Omoyele Sowore, a human rights activist and convener of #RevolutionNow Protest, who was earlier released on bail by a court of competent jurisdiction. Following the shameful attack on the Nigerian people, the whole world has since condemned the contemptuous incidence and voices from around the globe have urged Buhari and his co-travelers – in the journey of democratic retrogression – to embrace civility instead of the empty show of gangsterism and thuggery.

While admitting that the SSS violent show of force was wrong and an aberration in a democracy, a delegation of the security agency was sent to apologize to the Federal High Court judge for the reputationally demeaning national embarrassment. The country’s ‘paper-tiger’ National Assembly, created under section 4 of the 1999 Constitution, even ordered a probe with immediate effect. The Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo and Ondo Governor, Arakunrin Rotimi Akeredolu joined other well-meaning Nigerians to criticize the desecration of our judiciary. Even the Attorney General of the Federation, a chief defender of Buhari’s arbitrariness, hypocritically ‘took over’ the case from the SSS; all the giragira is to show a sanctimonious dissatisfaction with the persecution of Omoyele Sowore, the newly canonized Hero of Democracy, by Buhari through the SSS who directly report to him and take instructions from him, where and when necessary.

Despite the obvious admission of guilt and criticisms by prominent actors in government, the Garba Shehus of this world are busy justifying the unjustifiable. Many, either out of envious hatred for “Baba Sho” or for their chauvinistic love and loyalty to Buhari, still looked for ways to rationalize the subversion of our constitutional democracy in open court.

These people are similar to those who continuously chant “Napoleon is always right” in Animal Farm. Truly, George Orwell had Nigeria in mind when he wrote the book. Left to these Abobakus, let Buhari suspend the Constitution today, which is not impossible, they shall give thesis and analysis on why the decision is in the best interest of the nation. These ones are more loyal to political leaders than to Nigeria’s progress, unity and development.

These are the real enemies of Nigeria.

Last week, The Punch made a historical editorial where they holistically x-rayed and condemned the cruxification of the rule of law by the Buhari administration. They frowned at Buhari’s style of leadership and described it as similar to the way he ruled as a military dictator in 1984. They argued that wearing agbada is not enough to convince Nigerians he is not a reformed Hitlar. They finally made the revolutionary submission that they shall henceforth describe his administration as a “regime” and address him as “Major General Buhari”. Yes, we might not all be comfortable with The Punch’s diction but the gospel truth in that editorial is incontrovertible; although malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it but it is what it is – the truth.

Expectedly, rather than to call the despot, Buhari, to order and remind him he is no longer a dictator and that he must act in accordance with the Oath of Office he took under Schedule 7 of the 1999 Constitution, the Femi Adesinas of this world went ahead to attack The Punch and paint the reputable media outfit with derogatory names. Some simpleton went further to justify the use of “Major General”; saying he “earned” it. Although the fact that he truly earned it is now a subject of controversy, however suddenly defending the use of a military title by a former military dictator who himself renounced the usage of same few years back, shows the shallowness of the blind supporters of this administration. They still do not know the significance the ‘U-turn’ usage has in a democracy?

These set of Buhari supporters later went ahead to use Buhari’s military pictures as their display pictures on social media, to identify and solidarize with their leader. No shame. No sense of patriotism. No concern about the nation at a crossroads. All for their fanatical support to a bloody dictator and nothing more.

Let the country’s democracy become history today (God forbid), these lots would justify it once it is in the selfish interest of Buhari – who, to them, is always right. These are the real enemies of Nigeria.

Sadly, despite the national upheaval and the sorrowful trial the judiciary is going through, the Chief Justice of Nigeria, who was controversially enthroned, has not made a single statement as regard the unfortunate incidence. Not even the NJC has given a stance on the rape of the judiciary. They are all keeping deafening silence. The era of judicial activism is long gone. Our CJN would rather prefer to advocate for the inclusion of Sharia peculiarities in our Constitution than criticize that which affects the sanctity of the judiciary.

Where are the Festus Keyamos of this world?! He has not made his position known on the looming anarchy till today. He was, however, quick to deny reports of his support for the madness. Ju imagine that the sad occurrence happened a decade ago. Or even 7 years ago.

On the persecution of Agba Jalingo, whose only offence was criticizing Prof. Ben Ayade of Cross River State, many are keeping unpatriotic silence too. Just imagine Ben Ayade was of APC, the Kola Ologbondiyans of this world would have organized a World Press Conference to advocate for his immediate release from the claws of a Professors of Lawlessness.

The real enemies of our dearest country are not necessarily the guilty but those who openly support them. They are those who keep partisan silence when the evil doers strike.

Who are the real enemies of Nigeria? Check your mirror!

Festus Ogun