If Elected, Bola Ahmed Tinubu on the Rule of Law and Judiciary

<strong>If Elected, Bola Ahmed Tinubu on the Rule of Law and Judiciary</strong>

Many hearts have bled due to the poor structuring of the rule of law and judiciary in Nigeria. Wrong decisions have led people to the death path due to this same bad rule of law and judiciary system in Nigeria. But a change is coming to make just an amendment to the system that has failed many Nigerians.

Nothing gives courage than knowing that there is hope in the nearest future. What do we do as citizens with the power to cause this hope to happen? Embrace it with wide arms and do the needful to the largest extent. The Tinubu -Shettima administration brings hope to the hopeless, and peace to the troubled.

The pathway to achieving the desired

When a plan is made, there are ways to achieve them. The way designed to achieve the desired rule of law and judiciary system Nigeria deserves is being faithful to one’s self. How is this done? Voting right and putting the preferred leader chosen by the people to fill the void that has been created. How will this be achieved?

  • There would be full autonomy and independence granted to the rule of law and the judiciary system of the country. This will allow the judiciary system to exercise full power and rights properly.
  • The formation of anti-corruption and criminal laws will be enforced with agencies that fully do what is needed of them to do.
  • After the formation of the anti-corruption and anti-criminal laws, a comprehensive review would be done on the current anti-corruption and criminal laws to ascertain loopholes to fix to make a better system.

The time is now and near to change history and rewrite a new story for generations to come. Let our mothers sing songs, and our children remember our names for taking the step to redefine what true democracy is all about. Bola Ahmed Tinubu is the future and one way to make this dream come true is by using our voting power to make the right decision by voting for the Tinubu-Shettima administration.

Some months from now arises the moment of truth to make the greatest change we have ever witnessed as a country. needless to say that our lives depend on it because the decision we make today will affect the children for tomorrow. Bola Ahmed Tinubu is well seasoned to make the right decisions to bounce Nigeria back up from the state where it is right now. make it happen, and most especially make it count.

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