11 Tips to Keep the Skin Healthy During Summer

Useful tips on how to keep the skin healthy in the summer. According to the 247 Health Blog there are 11 tips to keep the skin healthy during summer.


  1. To change the face wash

The first tip is to keep the skin looks glowing and smooth is by changing the face wash since the skin face will be more oily than before. It will be very helpful to switch the face wash with the one that contains salicylic acid to control the oil.


  1. Applying vitamin C and antioxidants

Another useful tip to follow is by applying vitamin C and antioxidants. The two ingredients can help the human body to produce more collagen and reduce inflammation. The antioxidants can also destroy the dangerous free radicals as well as repair the dead skin and cells.


  1. Drink water

Drink plenty of water can also help to keep the health of the skin. This will make the skin keeps hydrated and refreshed during the high temperature in summer.


  1. Use sunscreen

Sunscreen is something that should always be around whenever people doing outdoor activities in hot summer. It will help to avoid fine lines, wrinkles, premature aging, and sunburn caused by the UV rays exposure.


  1. Take care of the feet

The wellness site also suggests that people should not forget to take care of their legs. This will be helpful to always wear shoes and apply sunscreen while outing.


  1. Limit the use of makeup

During the summer, limit the use of makeup will also benefit to skin face. This is because the minimal makeup will allow the skin to breathe during the humid and hot weather.


  1. Tone the skin

To help the skin is free from oil and clean, as well as reduce the pores, using a toner will become a good idea.


  1. Use cold water for shower

People should also manage to use cold water for a shower to keep the pores unclogged.


  1. Applying exfoliation

Applying exfoliation will help to eliminate dead skin cells and keep the skin smooth.


  1. Workout


workout is mostly recommended to maintain the proper skin health since it leads the better flow of blood.


  1. Taking adequate rest


The last but not least a tip suggested by this fitness blog is by taking adequate rest so that the skin will not get full time to rejuvenate its beauty.



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