Tommy Fury’s dad John gives fresh hope in Jake Paul fight and says son is willing to be ‘underpaid’ to get deal done

JOHN FURY has given fresh hope in son Tommy’s proposed fight with Jake Paul and claimed they are even willing to be “underpaid”.

The pair of celebrity boxing rivals are in talks to reschedule their grudge match once again.

John Fury pictured with his son TommyRex

Jake Paul is still in talks to fight Tommy FuryRex

And John said although Paul is lowballing them at the negotiation table they are happy to strike a cut-price deal.

He told FairBettingSites: “Jake Paul’s underpaying us but we’ll take an underpayment to get him in the ring.

“We’re trying to put it together now. We’ve said whatever the money is, let’s take it.

“We’re not bothered. We’re being underpaid, we know that. But we’re going to say let’s get on with it.

“Whatever the money is he’s got to get Jake Paul in that ring in 2023 and get him knocked out. He knows it. Jake Paul will take some nailing down.

“Even though we know we’re getting underpaid by millions of pounds basically because he’s getting all the millions Jake Paul – and we’re the A-side of conventional boxing.

“He’s crossing over to our side of the road, not the other way around.

“He thinks he’s the A-side, how is he the A-side when Tyson’s the most popular sportsman in the whole world?


“What gives Jake Paul to command, say, an 80-20 split because that’s what he’s offering.

“Whatever he wants to give Tommy – peanuts – we’re not bothered.”

Twice the duo have put pen to paper on a fight but both times Tommy has been forced to withdraw.

Last December he suffered a rib injury and in their rehashed date of August, the Brit was hit with US visa issues which are still to be sorted.

Paul, 25, in October beat UFC legend Anderson Silva, 47, the biggest win in his 6-0 career.

A month later he travelled to Dubai to watch Tommy, 23, box in a late-notice exhibition and the two camps agreed to fight in 2023.

But Paul recently took to Twitter to accuse Fury of “ducking” him after sending out a “seven-figure” fight contract.

YouTuber Wade Plem later claimed the sum was $2million, in a report which was “liked” by Paul on Twitter.

That was the purse Tommy demanded when they negotiated this summer – only for it to fall out of bed again.

With the Fury family still faced with a travel ban, John wants to see the bout staged at Tottenham’s 62,000-seat stadium or in Saudi Arabia.

He said: “I’d like it to be at Tottenham but knowing them they like fighting abroad where they can get away with certain stuff.

“What they can’t get away with in Britain they can get away with abroad. And that’s why they opt to go overseas.

“We want it at Tottenham. We want it in England, but he decides, doesn’t he? Because all of a sudden, he’s become the A-side.

“We’re not bothered about who is the A-side or the Z-side, we’re willing to follow him all over the globe to get him in the ring.

“Whether London or Saudi Arabia, the only place we can’t do it is America because we’re not allowed there.”

Tommy Fury and Jake Paul are still linked with a grudge matchBT SPORT

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