Porta Cabin Manufacturer in Lagos

Porta Cabin Manufacturer In Lagos


Porta Cabin Manufacturer In Lagos AtlasItalia Nigeria Ltd is the leading manufacturer of Prefabricated Cabins, Containerized Units, Prefabricated Buildings, and Steel Structures; with over 20 years of experience in Portacabins manufacturing across the globe, the company empowers its team of dedicated Porta cabin builders in Lagos to deliver the high-quality portable cabins on time and within budget of its clients in Lagos and across Nigeria.

As the leading Porta Cabin Manufacturer in Lagos, AtlasItalia Nigeria LTD provides different Portable cabins solutions, some of which are as follows:


If you are looking for new portacabins in Lagos, and looking for a manufacturer with years of experience manufacturing fabricated building in Lagos, contact the company today. In manufacturing Portacabin, the standard size is 10ft 20ft 40ft, however, as the leading portable home manufacturer in Lagos, AtlasItalia Nigeria LTD is 100% flexible and can customize and combined to any bigger size of your choice in Lagos on time and budget.

For example, the company in building a portacabin can build one with a waterproof connection kit, rubber, steel board, and big screws. In addition, it can be connected to 2438mm side or 6058mm side, and stacked up to 3 floors to give you desired Porta cabin needs in Lagos. Your Porta cabin can even be built to have a balcony, top open balcony, and side stairs (it all depends on your Porta cabins objectives in Lagos), the company can meet all your pre-fabricated building requirements and ensure your satisfaction.  Also, the company can further extend your Pre-fabricated building to have extra gable or slope roof, using light steel structure and roofing 0.5mm PPGI or 50 mm sandwich panel, all these features, and too many to be mentioned here are some of the reasons Atlasitalia Nigeria LTD is the leading Porta cabin manufacturer in Lagos.

Porta Cabin Manufacturer In Lagos AtlasItalia Nigeria LTD Gives All You Need

Porta Cabin has many layouts available and Atlasitalia Nigeria LTD has the tools, technologies and innovative minds to strategize, design, manufacture and build best of the best portable cabin with attractive features for you. Aside from manufacturing Portacabins in Lagos, the company can customize cabins to your special needs and unique size in any location in Nigeria – Abuja, Port Harcourt, etc.

 Offering the finest range of Porta Cabins by Portcabins’ manufacturers in Lagos that are strong, and can stand all-weather, and suitable for all residences can be done by a few. If you are looking for a Porta cabin manufacturer in Lagos that provides the best manufacturing solutions contact Atlasitalia Nigeria LTD today and start working with experienced portable cabin engineers, architectures, interior designers, and pre-fabricated building consultant in Lagos.

You can contact any of the company’s representatives at +2347037400001, or +2348085069425.

The website https://www.atlasitalianigeria.com