Porta cabin manufacturer in Nigeria

Atlas Italia Nigeria Ltd Proudly Presents Cost-efficiency Portable Cabins Products

Atlas Italia Nigeria Ltd specializes in Portacabins’ construction, proudly presents cost-efficiency portable cabins products and their maintenance.

One of the reputable manufacturers in Nigeria Atlas Italia Nigeria is delightfully to be the leading porta cabin manufacturing company in Nigeria. Atlas Italia Nigeria specializes in Cold room construction, as well as portable cabin manufacturing in Nigeria. The company has built many cold rooms/storage for its clients in Nigeria and surrounding areas. A cold room refers to a room or warehouse that has a lower temperature than normal. The room is intended for storing items such as vegetables, pharmaceuticals, seafood, meats, flowers, ice, and many more. Those items are stored in a room with a specific temperature than outside to maintain their quality in the long run.

Companies in Nigeria need to hire professionals to build a specific Portacabin. Atlas Italia Nigeria, as a construction company in Nigeria, is providing state-of-the-art refrigerated room construction according to customer’s specifications. Their professional team is able to determine the design, as well as providing energy-efficient equipment and high-quality parts for their cold storage needs.

The trained and experienced team will handle all construction processes, starting from pre-construction inspection to post-construction maintenance.

Atlas Italia Nigeria Marketing Manager said, “With our highly standardized methods based on the International Standard Organization, we believe that our clients will get the best products and services that meet their requirements.” He added, his company is not limited to providing cold storage construction services in Nigeria. They also established themselves as a Nigerian portable cabins company.

Portable Cabins or Porta Cabins are movable buildings/non-permanent buildings. They are built with temporary structures in the form of offices, playhouses, kiosks, even a house. Atlas Italia Nigeria is committed to manufacturing high-quality prefabricated buildings in Nigeria. Nowadays, the human population in Nigeria is increasing. Therefore the need for housing is also increasing. The use of portable cabins provides many benefits. Compared to permanent housing, portable cabins can be built in a short time. Moreover, they use prefab materials, which are known as sustainable materials, and used less energy in the manufacturing process. And the most important thing is that prefab buildings are used less cost compared to permanent buildings.

About Atlas Italia Nigeria

Atlas Italia Nigeria Ltd has been established since 2008. The company specializes in cold room construction and portable cabins manufacturing. Besides, their services, including equipment supply, spare parts supply, technical assistance, personnel training, maintenance, and more. For more information about their services, please visit