My son, I will be very raw and sincere with
you. Do not worry about the size of a woman
buttock or breast but worry about the size of
her heart and brain. Worry about the size of
her love and endurance.

Because after 5 or 10
years, it will not be about the breast or
buttock. As you can see, your mum now has a
flat chest and almost flat buttock but we still
live together happily, I still love her and she
still love me.

Be careful of a woman that loves money. I
mean the woman that talks ‘every time’ about
her hair, clothes, shoes, bags panties and
make-ups. Marriage is not all about these
things. Without makeup, clothes, shoes and
panties a good marriage will still stand but
without love, no marriage can stand.

When I got married to your mum, I didn’t have
a car or house of my own. I was not even
educated, but I had dreams and she
appreciated and supported me. Any woman
that does not support your dream is not worth
thinking-a-minute about. There are women
that will see your dreams better than you, you
are lucky if you find one.

My son, open your ears very well, there is a
kind of woman you should avoid, do not make
a mistake to marry this kind of woman or you
will regret it. I mean a woman that always has
bad things to say about everyone. If you see
this kind of woman, run away. One of the
worst kind of woman you can marry is the one
that complains about everything. If you buy
this, she says you should have bought that, if
you do this, she said you should have done
that. Please stay away! Most women enjoy
talking but the one who talks for two hours
and listen for two minutes is a potential
‘bomb’. Be wise.

Be very careful of a pretending partner. A
pretending woman is not hard to know. She
will always know everything about everything,
she will be careful. Just close your eyes and
open your heart and you will see! No woman
is perfect. If you see a woman who believes in
your dream, who respects you, who is
committed, and who is not all about herself
alone then don’t let her go.

But remember, you must not be a wayward
man. I have trained you!
If you find a good woman but you are a bad
man, you won’t have a good marriage!
I won’t pick a wife for you but I have given
you my advice. When you find her, bring her
for my blessings.
May you find a woman that will increase you
not decrease you.