‘I’d Cry Some Nights Cos’ Of Sleep Deprivation’ Comedienne Maraji Laments On Challenges Of Motherhood

Nigerian comedienne and skit maker, Gloria Oluntobi popularly called Maraji has taken to social media to lament the challenges of motherhood.

Maraji who welcomed her baby barely one month ago made a list of some of the issues she’s currently facing and things she never knew about motherhood.

Sharing a photo of herself while breastfeeding her baby, Maraji revealed that motherhood has subjected her to trading her sleep, noting her baby wants to be held at all times.

According to Maraji, she literally smells like breastmilk every day, her nipple hurts and her flat stomach has turned into a pouch.

The comedienne added that she sometimes cries at night because of her sleep deprivation.

She wrote: Things I didn’t know about Motherhood

-“I’ll have to trade my sleep”

-“Babies want to be held all the time (so putting them down to sleep successfully is a skill)”

-“Breastfeeding makes you hungry and thirsty every time ( especially those night feeds)”

-“I’d smell like breast milk all day” 

-“My flat stomach will turn to a pouch”

-“My nipples with hurt sometimes”

-“Newborns eat every 2 hours ( mine eats every hour)”

-“I’d cry some nights cus of sleep deprivation”

-“I’d love someone so much I’d do this every day”

This article was originally published on Nigeria News

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