‘Gotten bigger’ – Michael Chandler responds to claims Conor McGregor is ‘on steroids’ as UFC showdown hands in balance

MICHAEL CHANDLER has dismissed wild accusations that Conor McGregor is ‘on steroids’ ahead of their UFC showdown.

McGregor, 34, has undergone a dramatic body transformation since breaking his leg in his trilogy fight with Dustin Poirier in July 2021.

INSTAGRAM@THENOTORIOUSMMAConor McGregor has undergone a dramatic body transformation durin his octagon hiatus[/caption]

INSTAGRAM@SERGEYPIKULSKIYThe Notorious has packed on several pounds of muscle since July 2021[/caption]

INSTAGRAM@THENOTORIOUSMMASome MMA fans and fighters have accused the Irishman of being ‘on steroids’[/caption]

INSTAGRAM@UFCUpcoming opponent Michael Chandler has dismissed suggestions of McGregor being on PEDS[/caption]

The drastic change in The Notorious’ physique has coincided with him being out of the United States Anti-Doping Agency’s testing pool, which has led many to believe he could be on performance-enhancing drugs.

But three-time Bellator champion Chandler has come to the defence of his upcoming opponent.

During a recent Instagram Q&A, he said: “If I tell you I’m not on steroids or if Conor tells you that he’s not on steroids, all you can do is either accept that as fact or be left up to your won scepticism and that’s no way to live.”

Chandler, however, does admit McGregor has piled on the pounds during his hiatus from the octagon.

He said: “My answer for did he pass the eye and smell test? He’s definitely gotten bigger and put on some muscle.

“Obviously when you break your leg and all you can do is lift upper body for the last year and a half, the dude is going to put on some muscle.”

Chandler believes former two-division champion McGregor’s main motivation for bulking up is because he’s eyeing a run at welterweight.

He continued: “Not to mention the fact that dude doesn’t want to fight at featherweight or lightweight anymore.


“He wants to go up to welterweight so he’s gotten bigger.

“But yes, he passed the test because I would never accuse somebody unless I saw them stick a needle in their body or take a pill.”

Chandler and McGregor – who were rival coaches on season 31 of The Ultimate Fighter 31 – are set to throw down with one another later this year.

But the date for their eagerly-anticipated showdown currently hinges on when McGregor re-enters the USADA pool, which he must be in for six months before being eligible to compete.

He could, however, be given an exemption to the requirement – although USDA have seemingly suggested he may not be granted one.

INSTAGGRAM@THENOTORIOUSMMAConor McGregor and Michael Chandler will throw down later this month[/caption]

McGregor tweeted in a fit of rage: “I’ve not lied once. Nor have I tested positive. Ever.

“I have over 70 clean tests under this program, yet they are consistently coming out after I speak in a manner that makes it seem I am lying.

“It’s ridiculous. F*** USADA. You are in The Bin. Over 70 clean tests. Never violated once.

“I will not be scapegoated by this garbage organisation. You are not the be-all-end-all in this equation USADA.”

McGregor, the UFC’s first simultaneous two-weight world champion, has never failed a drug test in his combat sports career nor has he been linked to anyone who has.

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