What did KSI say about Wade Plemons?

KSI and Misfits Boxing presenter Wade Plemons have become embroiled in some serious Twitter beef.

Plemons is a famous YouTuber and is usually seen on DAZN‘s broadcast interviewing fighters and talking about fights in general.

GettyKSI has had some choice word for Misfits Boxing presenter Wade Plemons[/caption]

But recently, Plemons uploaded a video to his YouTube channel in which he spoke about a potential KSI vs Jake Paul match-up.

Plemons stated in the video, titled ‘KSI vs Jake Paul.. Is NOT Happening’, that a fight between Paul and Floyd Mayweather would sell more PPVs.

He also said that Paul would most likely want to entertain a rematch with Tommy Fury first.

But the claims have irked KSI.

What did KSI say about Wade Plemons?

“Man, f*** Wade,” KSI ranted on Twitter.

“This Wade guy plays all sides. Trying to please everyone. You are so fake, omg. F* you and everything you stand for, you two-faced c*.

“This man acts like he knows everything about boxing. He doesn’t know s***. You’re not that guy.”

KSI’s manager Mams Taylor then confirmed that Plemons had been let go from Misfits Boxing.

APTommy Fury beat Jake Paul in their highly-anticipated fight last month[/caption]

“Have fun on KingPyn,” he jokingly remarked in reference to a rival crossover boxing promotion on a Twitter Space.

“It wasn’t over today he got fired.

“It’s been long coming. I’ve been nothing but fair with Wade. People can have the wrong impression of me, I don’t care.

“But they know JJ better than that. Obviously, there is more to it than just today’s video. A lot more.

“DAZN didn’t know anything about Wade before I insisted he would be brought in.”

Paul, however, has criticised KSI and Taylor over it, backing Plemons in the process.

“Such insecure clowns,” Paul said. “Wade is quality. Plays it down the middle.

“Says things about me I don’t like, but that just means he’s keeping his opinions real. Now back to my vacation.”

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