‘Godmother of BMX’ makes an unlikely return 34 years after retiring from cycle sport

A FORMER world champion BMX racer has made an unlikely return to the track 34 years on.

Sarah-Jane Nichols was 19 when she retired from the cycle sport in 1988, switching to ice hockey.

Britain’s ‘Godmother of BMX’ has made a comeback nearly four decades on at the age of 52Solent News

Sarah-Jane retired from the cycle sport in 1988 as a seven-time British champion and four-time European championSolent News

She had got her first bike aged 11 and was “hooked” after winning her debut race.

She was a seven-time British champion and four-time European champion.

And she has now returned to BMXing after the menopause and Covid lockdowns put paid to her hockey.

Sarah-Jane said: “I’d been playing for the past 35 years, and even played for England and Great Britain, but when Covid hit, the menopause hit me too. It all came at once.

“I’d gone from a sporty person to doing nothing.

“Then I found my old BMX from 1985, the original bike I won the worlds with, so I thought I’d get this restored and go to some rallies.”

But Sarah-Jane, of Bramley, Hants, has now decided to make a full comeback.

She said: “I’m looking to make podium at the British championships, that would be amazing after feeling so rubbish with the menopause.

“It’s definitely a sport you can start at 52. It doesn’t matter about your age.”