Glamorous poker star who suffered wardrobe malfunctions calls security on man who ‘touched her armpit’ during game

GLAMOROUS poker star, who suffered a wardrobe malfunction while playing a game, called security on a man for touching her armpit.

Sashimi, who is known for her exploits on YouTube, had a “slip up” while playing a game a few weeks back in an event called “Max Pain Monday”.

Sashimi was bothered by a man who is said to have touched her armpit

The man considered apologising but was left unimpressed by her reaction

The poker star, who suffered a wardrobe malfunction a few weeks back, declared ‘You lucky b**** I will send you [to] jail if it was in Japan’

Her boobs appeared to be a real distraction for fellow players and apologised on Instagram, while vowing to “nip that behaviour in the bud”.

But while playing a game early on Monday in Las Vegas, a man approached Sashimi, tapping her shoulder and distracting her.

The man says in a message he was considering apologising for “disturbing” her, but decided against it after Sashimi called security on him.

In a message, he said to her: “Hey, I had planned to message you to apologise for disturbing you while you were playing.

“But after seeing your page and who you are – the girl who pulled the lame media stunt, instead I’d rather just say the only reason I asked what the game was, because I was considering sitting!!

“And your response is to call the floor for tapping you on the shoulder??? Wtf.

“You’re what I call an elitist, you’re the type of person who doesn’t want to help anyone if it doesn’t benefit yourself.

“I can deal with your tantrum response but next time someone asks you a simple question, maybe you will remember that interaction and respond accordingly. Good day!.

Sashimi responded: “This guy (I don’t know him). Suddenly touching my armpit and asking me what I’m playing.

“I said, ‘You are not supposed to touch me. I don’t know you’.

“And he said, ‘Wtf I just asked what game is this’, and left.

“You lucky b**** I will send you [to] jail if it was in Japan.”

Apart from the interaction, the game was a success for Sashimi.

She almost won £1600 from a £40 entry fee.

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