This comes easily possible now especially if you are driving your own car and someone with a data plan on his mobile device quickly checks your plate number to get your car details. It would come with your name, car details and your person data is sold out; just as you have on your vehicle license.

Subterfugists or tricksters now use this to access people unaware. As a Special Marshall in the FRCN, I have been priviledged to know ahead of time, and Lagos State government recently opened a website for this aswell.

This unknown to one who tried a trick session on me along Ikorodu road, he waived me down and shouted my name “Mr. Segun Babs”. He was clever to make it more friendly with the way he called me so I may think he was familiar with me, I knew I didn’t register any of my vehicles with that name, but he was confused as I did not get exited. I just raised up my galaxy tab with a sign that I could also browse to know his name from his vehicle. I allowed him to raise ahead as he was insisting I should pull to the service lane to pack so we may talk. I declined by allowing him to race ahead of me.

I had just taught my family members how to get that right and good enough my son who presently works with me was in the car, he did it immediately And I raced forward to give my “new friend” his report card. I called out, …”Prince Ogunşesomething”. Then he yelled “won ti jaę si” saying it as Lagosians would say ‘so you’ve been posted’.

Please, friends, be posted, don’t be chickened by any who just called you by your names. Road safety operatives, police and other security corps also have their software to get auto mobile owners details. Don’t be surprised. If you jump a traffic regulation on the highway, they don’t have to run after you as in the time past, you may be visited thereafter at home to pay your bill.

Let us beware, be careful and be certain of ourselves, may God keep us save from all evil workers, Amen.

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