Bare-knuckle boxer Tai Emery, who famously flashed crowd, suffers gruesome facial injuries in first-ever defeat

BARE-KNUCKLE boxer Tai Emery, who famously flashed a crowd, suffered gruesome facial injuries in her first-ever defeat.

The Australian faced Po Denman in Thailand for her second bout with Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship.

Tai Emery suffered gruesome facial injuries in her first-ever defeat

Unfortunately for Emery, 35, she was beaten on points by Denman, 25, after five brutal rounds.

The flyweight revealed the extent of her gruesome facial injuries online, showing off a black eye and treatment to her cuts.

Emery shot to fame in September after winning her BKFC debut and proceeding to flash the crowd.

She later saw an influx in her OnlyFans subscribers and was due to earn £260,000 after gaining thousands more punters.

But despite the viral stunt, Emery revealed it did land her in hot water with BKFC president Dave Feldman.

Emery told MMA Fighting: “I will say one thing, I did get in a lot of trouble with Dave Feldman from BKFC — just for everyone that wanted to know some repercussions — I was in trouble, so thanks everyone, all you Karens, for having a little complaint.

“I’m sorry about that, but this is an 18+ event, so just don’t watch.”

Emery is yet to pull of a repeat trick and knows she faces financial punishment if she does.


She said: “So they said that I’m going to be fined if I pull a stunt – that word has been locked in my head, because I’ve been pulled into the principal’s office once again.

“Nothing’s changed. I’ve been told that the stunt that I pulled will not be allowed.

“Their talking millions of bahts in fines, but what’s good? We’ll see what happens.”

Instagram @BKFCTai Emery flashing the crowd[/caption]

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