Anambra State Election Campaign Agency for Smart Politicians

Anambra State Election Campaign Agency (AdHang) for Smart Politicians can help you influence, persuade and attract millions of supporters, fans and voters in Anambra state.   Whether you are campaigning for gubernatorial, presidential, state house or national assembly AdHang has political marketing strategies to help you garner highest votes from any constituency in Anambra state faster and easier.

In case this is the first time you are coming across the name AdHang. AdHang is the top new media agency in Africa, with office in Lagos, and has over a decade experience in running campaigns; the agency is founded by Anambra state indigene.  AdHang is manned by some of biggest political online campaign strategists, with most aggressive and comprehensive set of tools and technologies to win attention away from political opponents, and secure highest votes.

Frequent Asked Questions by politicians as regard to AdHang’s campaigns strategies for Anambra state.

1) What is your research in this area?


Currently there are 2,447,996 registered voters in Anambra, and this number will likely increase before the next 2023 election begins.  Besides, the Chief operating officer of the agency is from Anambra state, therefore understands his state.

2) The types of voters in this region.


There are 3 categories of voters: your supporters, opponents’ supporters, and undecided/swing voters.

3) What strategies can your agency use in achieving this goal of winning the upcoming election?


 There are different layers and categories of strategies to employ you can see that under “campaign types” at and see communications methods under “platforms/sites” when you scroll in the middle of the above page.

4) What is the cost of this political campaign trail?


The standard costs: Gubernatorial campaign N486, 000 daily, National assembly campaign N198, 000 daily, while Anambra state assembly campaign N48, 240 daily. However, AdHang can work with your budget if you have lesser budget. What all these will entail are listed under “platforms/sites” and “Cost” on the link above.

5) What are the necessary documents to be presented


You can see the requirements under “requirements” on the link above.

6) How can I measure results?


The end result is higher number of votes than opponents; meanwhile, you will see numerous KPI online such as impressions, reactions, number of links to your name, comments, likes, followers, name popularity, fans increase, etc.

7) Is there a possible guarantee of winning election using your agency?


Yes, there 100% possibility of winning the election. You need to start today, is not early; if you can spare little amount to run public enlightenment, awareness and build your names’ consciousness across constituencies in Anambra (AdHang can send the proposal). This will run strategically till campaign window is allowed by INEC on 2023 election, and then you can subscribe to the full implementation of all the things stated in the standard plan above.  With this you will be better off and far ahead of opponents that will be starting campaign 3 months to the election.

If you have further questions concerning AdHang’s political campaign services in Anambra, contact AdHang team through the link provided above.