All are not well at the moment between Governor Wike of Rivers state and the PDP chairman Uche Secondus

All are not well at the moment between Governor Wike of Rivers state and the PDP chairman Uche Secondus who was formerly Wike’s protege. Wike installed him as PDP chairman.

At the heart of of this fight is the 2023 presidential election and the battle for the structure and soul of PDP.

For Wike, he wants to control the party he so much loves and one he used to fund in the past.

Also, Wike wants to control the structure of the party and deliver it for his friend and brother Aminu Tambuwal, the governor of Sokoto state who wants to run for the office of the president come 2023.

However, Uche Secondus is fiercely loyal to his new boss and our former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar and from all indications, the party structure will be delivered to Atiku for the 2023 presidential election as Turaki Adamawa is firmly in charge.

This has not gone down well well with Wike, who is fighting tooth and nail to see Uche Secondus sacked from office but this dream has been difficult to achieve.

On the 8th of July 2021, at the birthday of former Cross River governor, Liyel Imoke, Wike and Secondus were guests and they were both present.

But something interesting happened, Secondus was first called upon to deliver his speech as the national chairman of PDP, he did justice to his speech where he emphasized on good leadership and the importance of consensus-building.

After delivering his speech, man told the person that invited him that he needed to go back to Abuja because he had other engagements waiting for him so that was how Secondus took his leave early enough from the birthday before his foe Wike was called upon to deliver his speech.

But the import of that early exit of the chairman of PDP was not lost on many guests present at the party, they knew the reason why Secondus ran away. He was running away from the acerbic tongue and the wrath of his rival Nyesom Wike.

When Wike eventually mounted the podium to address the guests gathered for Liyel Imoke’s birthday, Secondus was the focus of his verbal attack and speech.

He called his party chairman so many unprintable names that include a coward and a liar who has not shown good capacity to manage the affairs of PDP, Wike also wondered why Secondus ran away before his speech.

Apparently, he knew the bullet that was coming for him and decided to run for his dear life Wike boasted.

PDP governors have tried unsuccessfully to settle the warring River state gladiators who were once allies and bosom friends but had not been able to make any headway.

As it were now if PDP presidential primary is to hold today, my good man Atiku Abubakar will emerge as the party’s candidate to face whoever that APC is bringing but Wike does not want that to happen.

He is fighting like a famed Ikwerre Warriow to change this good tide coming to PDP but it seems the odds and the gods are not in his favour.

Interesting days ahead.