Alex Scott praised by fans as she strips off for shower and wears octopus as a bracelet in stunning photo dump

ALEX SCOTT showed she’s a sucker for wildlife and wild living as she wore an octopus like a bracelet and showered in a bikini during an incredible photo dump.

The former England footballer-turned-presenter had fans “screaming in horror” with her most gripping pic from a coastal break.

instagram @alexscott2The octopus seized the day and the arm of broadcaster Alex Scott[/caption]

instagram @alexscott2Alex was showered with praise for her range of holiday snaps[/caption]

The presenter’s footballing days are behind her but she’s now making waves as a pundit and for her social media shotsinstagram @alexscott2

But apart from that mixed response to her bonding with an octopus, admirers called the ex-Arsenal defender “so awesome” and “gorgeous” as she also shared shots of her prowess on a jet-ski.

Alex smiled serenely in a bikini as she leant over a boat with the eight-limbed sea creature latched onto her arm.

One fan responded: “Love it all but don’t think I’d have the guts with the octopus.”

Another revealed herself to be an even bigger octo-wussy by squirming: “You look great but the last photo had me screaming in horror!!!”

Alex herself labelled the mass of snaps: “Sunset vibes and happy times.”

And amidst all the action shots she was seen relaxing on a yacht and gazing from a hill-top as the sun dipped below the horizon behind her.

“Wow” and “diamond” were two replies from the 38-year-old’s 1.8million Instagram followers.

And although she went out on a limb – several, in fact – to get a quirky shot with an octopus, the broadcaster was mainly portrayed lapping up the glorious weather with more energetic activities.

Speeding across the water in a personal watercraft, the BBC and Sky Sports star was confident enough to open her arms wide for a video clip.

Dressed in a bikini, life jacket and helmet, she looked just as sport as in her 18 years playing for three clubs and earning 140 caps for the Lionesses.

 “You deserve it,” posted one follower, and “Looks like an amazing time,” wrote another.

Now Alex’s sea-loving fans are all on tentacle-hooks waiting for her next batch of sizzling shots.

instagram @alexscott2Alex opened her ‘sunset vibes and happy times’ photo dump with this snap[/caption]

instagram @alexscott2The presenter displayed an array of watersport skills[/caption]

instagram @alexscott2After mixing with the eight limbs of an octopus, Alex proved it’s quality not quantity that counts as she showed off a pair of her own[/caption]

instagram @alexscott2Sun-kissed as well as in bliss, Alex took a break from her hectic schedule[/caption]

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