Actor Muyiwa Ademola Pays In Tears For Crossing ‘Fragile Bridge’ During Movie Shoot (Video)

Nollywood actor cum movie director, Muyiwa Ademola has been left an emotional wreck after crossing a ‘fragile bridge’ in acting. 

Muyiwa Authentic as he’s fondly called took to Instagram to share a clip from a movie project he is currently working on, capturing the moment, he and other actors broke down in tears while interpreting an emotional character in the role.

According to the actor, they went too deep into the character interpretation which inadvertently left them wrecked emotionally.

The video captured everyone on set, weeping like babies, including the actor. The producer was forced to halt production until the actors stopped crying.

Sharing the scene in his Interview, Ademola wrote: “There is a bridge you dare not cross in acting. Yes, we are aware of this fact but sometimes we could not control not going near it.

“We crossed the bridge tonight! We went too deep and we couldn’t return on time! @omoalausa1 ignited the fire and putting it out was difficult.

“Everyone couldn’t control their tears including our director. This moment was even after we finished filming the scene and I was trying to console Mama @fisayomi_abebi and I slipped into it again.

“Separating acting from our real life sometimes becomes difficult, hence this outpouring of emotions.

“This wasn’t acting, this was us getting humbled!.”

This article was originally published on Naija News