A billionaire sugar daddy in Lagos recently broke up with one of his side chicks

A billionaire sugar daddy in Lagos recently broke up with one of his side chicks

Her offence: she cheated on him by dating another younger guy.

Side chicks wants to marry but Sugar Daddy does not want to hear that, her sugar told me in one of our many conversations.

She is gorgeous and her sexual skills are out of this world, man said with this wicked smile dancing around his face.

She knows how to ride Zaddy to heaven with multiple orgasm.

She was that good and Sugar Daddy loves her so much and also, he rewarded her efforts, loyalty and bedroom skills generously.

Nneka was on a monthly allowance, plus a car from him and he was responsible for her rent.

How did Sugar daddy know that Nneka( not her real name) was cheating on him??

He bought her an iPhone 12 last year but before he gave it to her, he mandated his head of IT department at his multi billionaire business to install a tracking device inside the iPhone.

What happened is that Sugar daddy monitored her calls and had access to her WhatsApp and iMessage without her knowledge.

His reason for doing that is simple: he sleeps with her without a condom so he does not want her to infect her with sexually transmitted disease.

Sugar daddy is happily married with 5 beautiful kids but his family are living abroad.

Because poor Nneka cheated on his rich generous sugar daddy with a guy who wants to marry her, Sugar Daddy broke off the relationship but this is not where he stopped.

He cut her off from her 350,000 monthly allowance and when her rent expired, he refused to pick the bill, as he used to generously do.

Nneka’s Mum now got involved, Sugar Daddy was also generous to her in the past, so she knew how deep his pocket is, she started begging her daughter’s sugar daddy to forgive her daughter.

She was a silly, stupid little brat who don’t have sense she pleaded with this sense of humility.

Even with all that pressure and pleading from Nneka’s Mum, man refused to change his mind.

He is done and wants to move on.

There are plenty girls in Lagos he said.

Last week, Nneka was thrown out of her mini flat apartment in Lekki.

She could not renew the rent on her own and the landlord threw her out.

She is currently squatting with her boyfriend who was not aware what happened to the love of his life hoping to get her mojo soon.

This is a true life story. The Sugar daddy is a friend and I have his permission to share the story.

Lagos dating industry is absolute ghetto but we move.