You meet behind closed doors, and the things that happen between you things even Angels fear to speak of.

You finish PRAYING together, and you start PRESSING her Breasts, telling her it’s not a Sin, Uncle, your 5 bedroom duplex in hell fire is under construction.

You leave Evening church service, meet at his place and have sex, and you’re a worker in church, Aunty Chorister, Uncle Usher, Brother Prayer Warrior, is that a holy Relationship?

You don’t have sex, at least that’s what you tell yourselves, but there’s nothing about your nakedness he hasn’t seen, or touched.

He has been everywhere, seen everything and touched everything on your body, “but I’m still a Virgin” you console yourself..

Sister, A Man who isn’t married to you?

Brother, A Lady you aren’t married to?

You use each other’s body’s to do sponge, ice-cream and pillow when alone. Squeezing, Sucking, and Pressing.

You even graduated to Oral Sex

You practice partial penetration, withdrawal method and come out looking pious and sanctimonious. Continue.

He will use your body to play and ejaculate on the ground, and you will now finish, carry your Bible, wear a very long skirt and tie headscarf and come to Bible study to listen to the Word.

What are the things you tell yourselves?

“I will marry you”

“It doesn’t matter”

“Everybody is doing it”

“Nobody will know”

“Nobody is perfect, We are all sinners”

“We will ask God for mercy”

“we sìn differently”

“God understands”

All these are Lies.. You know the truth.
Why not change your ways today, come to Jesus in repentance, quit that demonic Relationship and embrace Purity.?

I don’t know the Person, but the Lord asked me to tell someone reading this “Keep the Marriage Bed Undefiled. My MERCY preceeds MY JUDGEMENT.