A 3RD WORLD & A 1ST WORLD: Just read this and weep

A 3RD WORLD & A 1ST WORLD: Just read this and weep

Interviewer: Would you serve in the next administration?

Ex Governor of Ohio, John Richard Kasich Jr:

I am not interested in returning to Washington. When you were a governor, there is no where else to go from there. I have no interest in being in a cabinet. If any president comes to me and say, we need an envoy, there is a crisis somewhere, could you step in and help us here for a couple of weeks or months, that’s a different issue, but in terms of moving to Washington DC, trying to have a cabinet position, I’M NOT INTERESTED. I have other things I’m doing now that are fascinating and meaningful to me.


OH MY DAMN! This made me tear up. Is it the master of the universe who created others that also created the African black man? I mean this is unreal. Watching this man effortless say the above with disdain made me tear up and and ask BLACK AFRICAN MAN, WHY? Why are you obsessed with primitive acquisition of wealth? Why are you veraciously stealing the future of your nation daily? Rendering almost 100% of the citizens very uncomfortable and near useless in some cases? Why are you obsessed with being in power all the days of your lives? While Nigerian governors are already planning to stay in power and die while in power…here an ex governor above is disgusted at that thought of being in power again because, and I quote him: ‘I have other things I’m doing now that are fascinating and meaningful to me.’. WOWOWO!

The Nigerian politician sees life and the world through a prism of currency signs ! There is nothing more meaningful to him than money and power. A Nigerian politician is the house of assembly is already planning on doing endless terms unless he is able to move to the national assembly and do 30 terms if it is possible for him. This is madness. I am so embarrassed and ashamed of this opprobrious depravity by the black man. What a conundrum; that has no clear answer and way forward, because those that can help are even greedier and wants everything to remain the same than those struggling to get in and loot and stay forever too!

Before I was even elected to the house of assembly in 2015, I sang it like a song that I will NEVER do more than one term, and nothing on earth would have made me change my mind. NOTHING. They never create that thing or that person.

I will NEVER do more than one term in any house of assembly or national assembly. NEVER NEVER NEVER! I will rather have very little than do that. I WILL NEVER!!!! Someone must say NO to power perpetuity. Knowing the manner of African blacks, there shouldn’t be any position in Nigeria without term limits. It is atrocious to have a state & national assembly that’s without term limits knowing how primitive we are. Many will die in while in these posts because they can never ever respect themselves and leave so another will go and do their own. We are still in darkness. We are retrogressing, so obviously there is nothing they are doing another cannot do.

Dear Ex Governor John Richard Kasich Jr, you have a new fan. You are my hero. I wanna be like you; a person of principle and high personal integrity.

Dear Universe, why?? Did you create us differently? I’m listening.

Talk to me. Wetin you put for our brain? Can 300 million+ people be this stupid at once? You no wan talk, right? !!!!!!! I no follow.

No. I will NEVER be that way. NO DAMN WAY!!! No. You’ll see.

Yours sincerely, MUN.