Your Govt Has Reduced Value Of Nigerian Lives To Near Zero – Edo Govt Tackles APC

The Edo State Government has lampooned the All Progressive Congress, APC, in the state for speaking against the administration of Governor Godwin Obaseki.

Naija News understands that APC in the state had convened a press conference, slamming the  administration of Obaseki.

Wondering if the APC suffers from amnesia, the state government in a statement issued by its Commissioner for Communication and Orientation, Andrew Emwanta JP, said the opposition party should direct its blames on the Federal Government which is spearheaded by its failed leaders.

Boasting of its performance, the Edo State government said the state is today one of the most peaceful places to live in the entire country with incidences of crime and criminality in the state, over the last three months nearing almost zero.

“The APC dares to call for a state of emergency in the state when it superintends over a federal government under which Nigerian lives are slaughtered and maimed on a daily basis all across Nigeria,” the state government said.

It added, “Can Edo APC not see that their call for a state of emergency should be more appropriately directed to a federal government, which they lead, that has reduced the value of Nigerian lives to near nothing?

“In Nigeria today, under the leadership of the APC, which their shameless and ragtag Executive Committee (EXCO) in Edo who addressed the press conference represent, you cannot travel from Abuja to Kaduna; Abuja to Keffi; or from Abuja to Minna, by road, without a seventy per cent chance of being attacked, kidnapped or killed by bandits.

“And yet these palace jesters gather in the safety of Benin City, provided by the excellent leadership of Governor Godwin Obaseki and mouth non-existent chaos.

“The APC wants a state of emergency declared in a state that did not only pay salaries and pensions of state government workers by 14th of December but also released funds to the local governments to ensure that their employees are also paid salaries in time for the yuletide celebrations, while the APC-led Federal Government was struggling to meet their FAAC obligations for the end of year.”

“Does the party want a state of emergency in a state where every flight, or bus coming into the state is fully booked with air carriers and road transporters jostling to keep up with the pressure of travellers trooping into the state?

“They want a state of emergency where investments are rolling in large numbers with consortiums setting up tech parks, establishing malls, processing factories, coupled with the expansion of the real estate sector, which are creating job opportunities for youths in the state?”

The Edo government said the state APC is still stuck in the past and is not ready to accept the reality that things are no longer in their way.

The statement reads further, “In Nigeria, it is common knowledge that the level of fidelity and honesty expected from the ilk of politicians that these APC jesters represent is extremely low. It is rather shameful for old men – grandfathers, for that matter – to sit comfortably, look into the camera and tell bare-faced lies about the Edo State Judiciary, the state legislature, the newly reconstructed Government Science and Technical College (GSTC), street-lighting project, Edo Tech Park, Edo Innovation Hub, among others.

“It is now apparent that the Edo APC are stuck in the past, refusing to accept the reality that government has evolved and no longer dwell on the anachronistic ideas they are used to when they were in government. Today, the advances in technology deployed in public service administration, basic education reform, youth empowerment, and other areas of technology intervention are too sophisticated for them to comprehend, which is why they have elected to launch these futile attacks.

“We are not surprised by this outburst as it is their stock in trade. Hence, we advise the public to be wary of the antics of the APC, their stale lies and baseless propaganda.

The Obaseki-led government in Edo State reassured citizens of the state its willingness to continue to put their interest over and above the interest of all others.

It added: “Our programmes, reforms and initiatives are targeted at improving the quality of life and placing them at the centre of our politics.

“The vituperations of APC and their minions will never in any way derail this sacred mandate given freely by the majority of Edo people in September last year.”

This article was originally published on Naija News

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