You say you are not ready for a Wife

You say you are not ready for a Wife

Dear Brother.

You say you are not ready for a Wife, you are still trying to put funds together, financially you are not ready, marriage phobia is still catching you, yet you want to be treated like a HUSBAND in a RELATIONSHIP.

You don’t want to marry her yet, you say you aren’t ready, but you want her to cook for you, wash your clothes, and you also want her to give you sex, but you don’t want a wife oh…….
What is the color of your confusion?
Your clothes are yours to wash, you never marry. wash your cloth…
If you’re sick and need help with it, why not get seek an alternative, what will that worldly neighbor you have been preaching Christ to say when he/she sees Madam coming out of your room to dry your clothes on your compound rope?

Remember, you are the Bible the world is reading.

If she is to even cook for you, it should happen when it’s absolutely necessary, and not on a daily basis (before one thing will lead to another and the goat will eat the yam)

Whenever she does cook for you, it is her choice to do so, it is not your right., If you say it is, Who gave you the right? Her Father? Your Pastor?

You have not married a lady, you are shouting at her to go and cook food for you, You are piling clothes and plates for her to come and wash, as your what?

Asking a lady out for a RELATIONSHIP is like doing half subscribition on your decoder, it comes with limited options and channels,.

GIRLFRIEND/FIANCEE PACKAGE comes with limited options/channels. What she can do FOR YOU and WITH YOU is limited, morally and scripturally.

if you want the sleeping over option, the sex option, the seeing her nakedness option, and many other options and access, upgrade your subscription, see her parents, marry her and you get the WIFE PACKAGE.

You can’t subscribe for girlfriend package and be trying to watch and browse channels that are exclusive to those who subscribe to wife package..

No lady should give you INTIMACY when you are not ready for COMMITMENT..

if you want a taste of the cookie, put a ring on her finger, otherwise, WAIT till you are ready and able to.

This is the way of the kindgom.. except you are not of the kindgom.