Wrong Focus At The Beginning of A Christian Relationship!

Wrong Focus At The Beginning of A Christian Relationship!

When you enter a relationship, naturally there will be much chemistry or attraction between you and your partner. But you must not concentrate on the emotions been built.

At the beginning of a christian relationship, you must concentrate on building life. Your pursuit must be your purpose, visions both spiritually and physically. Spend your time doing that. That is why you must both discover your purpose before entering a relationship.

My people perish because they lack vision says the word of God. If you both don’t have purpose and vision, you will end the relationship started in God just with emotions of flesh.
The secret of successful Christian relationship is this.

You don’t need to build emotions, already they are there waiting. You love one another we know that.
Cool down!

Tell me! Why will a 34 years old virgin brother lost his virginity in just 2 weeks of a relationship to a sister.
The answer is easily fetched! Wrong focus! Simple!
Focus on the necessary things!

Check your conversations! Don’t let it be just I love you! You are beautiful! You are my angel! We know before! Fill your conversations with rich future plans, visions, and purpose.

Let your meetings be planned! Decide on what the theme of your meetings will be at the early stage because the chemistry is so high.
Why will a brother and and a sister in courtship meet for the first time and have sex mistakingly. Oh No!

Don’t end your Christian Journey so badly because you are engaged. Be careful! Your walk with Christ is so important to your new home in making. Let Christ be at the center of your relationship.

There are so many important things to discuss than romance and sex. If your discussions are always filled with emotional stuffs, oh you can’t be free from emotional build ups which will eventually end in sex.

It is good to appreciate one another. But let it not be a big deal or your focus. You will not regret you got engaged in Jesus name. Amen! Shine!