World’s sexiest volleyball star Kayla Simmons tries to pick up a girl on a dating app – but there’s a catch

KAYLA SIMMONS has gone undercover on Hinge for a new YouTube video.

Simmons collaborated with the YouTube channel “LoveLiveServe” where “the world’s sexiest volleyball player” went undercover as a guy to see what life is like for men using dating apps.

Youtube – loveliveserveSimmons appeared on the LongLiveServe YouTube channel[/caption]

Youtube – loveliveserveThe team set her up with a challenge of going undercover as a guy on Hinge[/caption]

Youtube – loveliveserveSo Simmons could experience what dating was like for the ‘average guy’[/caption]

Instagram/Kayla SimmonsSimmons went by the alias of Juan[/caption]

Simmons went undercover as Juan, a friend of the channel.

She was tasked with making a profile for Juan on the spot, which included selecting Juan’s best photos and writing dating prompts.

Presenter Rhino told Simmons that Juan’s profile should be set as 5ft9, and Simmons expressed surprise at hearing that this was the average height for men in the US.

She said: “5’9″ is not the average.”

And after Rhino Googled to show the proof she said: “Are you sure? That’s the first thing that popped up.”

The premise of the video was to show Simmons what dating apps are like for man considered to be “average” looking.

And it’s fair to say that Simmons did not have the most successful time on the apps.

Simmons, along with LoveLiveServe, invested a total of $250, roughly £200, in trying to find a date for Juan which allowed them to boost “his” profile and buy more likes than the free allotted amount.

Instagram @kaylasimmmonsJuan was a 5’9″ male[/caption]

Instagram @kaylasimmmonsAnd got no dates with Simmons at the helm[/caption]

But Simmons struck out as Juan, failing to secure a single number or find a date.

When asked by Rhino what her takeaway was on dating for the average man, Simmons said: “I think girls are confusing and difficult.”

When asked if she spoke to boys in the same manner that girls were speaking to her profile of Juan, Simmons said: “I’m not mean. But there are some where I just like stop responding I guess.

“But honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever been really into it and then stopped responding.”

Instagram @kaylasimmmonsSimmons has over a million followers on Instagram[/caption]

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