‘Why You Should Love Me’ – Yul Edochie’s Second Wife, Judy Spills

Nollywood actress Judy Austin, the second wife of actor Yul Edochie has revealed why her critics should love her.

Since Yul announced his marriage to Judy, many netizens have continued to troll her for snatching the actor from his first wife May Edochie.

Apart from being trolled, Judy is also mocked for not securing several influencing and endorsement deals like May.

Taking to her Instagram page, Judy questioned why critics cannot love her back.

She showered praises on herself, stating she’s beautiful, intelligent, hilarious and a phenomenal woman.

She wrote: “Imagine not loving me back……..me…………a Beautiful… Intelligent… Hilarious…Phenomenal woman. That’s tragic”

Reacting to the post, some netizens took to the comment section to attack her while others said everyone deserves to be respected for decisions they take about their lives.

march2283 wrote: “with all these qualities u became a second wife n not the president wife. A wife they cannot freely post on their handle like the first wife.”

okitetochi wrote: “With all these, you still became a second option. Too bad sha”

bimbylads wrote: “All this attributes for yourself is enough for you to get yourself a man not another woman’s husband”

mzzzpwetty wrote: “Being a second wife is not bad…some of us insulting her are even products of second wives…Biko let d woman breath. May God bless ur home…”

risky_thunder wrote: “Is better to be a second wife than to a carpet so every man will be stepping on.”

ca_milla8335 wrote: “Unfortunately you have to become second wife and you are here telling us how beautiful you are and you could get a husband of you own. Beautiful my foot.”

This article was originally published on Naija News

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