Why We Designed Cooking Stove That Uses Water – 14-Year-Old Twins Reveal

Kano-born twins, Hassan Muhammad Nawad, and Hussaini Muhammad Nawad have disclosed the reason they designed a cooking stove that uses petrol and water to cook for over five hours.

The twin brothers, during an interview with Daily Trust on Saturday, said they have been planning to use their brains to design something that will be useful that can reduce people’s burdens and contribute to economic growth.

The battery-powered stove has an engine which the battery energizes to propel the water and petrol to produce fire.

Hassan said the idea of designing the cooking stove started about five years ago while they were still in primary school.

He said: “I have been thinking of how gas is used to produce fire for cooking, and the possibility of doing something that will even ease the process by using an electronic method to provide the fire through the use of water and petrol. We started from there, and here we are today.

“However, in this case, the petrol and water will not reduce. A litre will take months without even reducing. You can only change it if you notice that it has turned black, which can take almost a year. The battery and small engine attached will just propel the water and petrol to give a flammable air which will give the fire,” he explained.

The other twin, Hussaini, also explained that “The water is not normal water, it is mixed with alum and salt. Inside the box, you will see a small engine that provides the wind that passes through the water and petrol.”

He said with the present economic situation of the country, their initiative will create employment opportunities.

We want to initiate a transformation among the youth circle in northern Nigeria. We noticed that we are being left behind, but we have the talent. All we need is to be productive enough so that we can create employment opportunities and provide sustainable and easier means of living for people.”

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