Why I Celebrated My Birthday In Graveyard – Actor Samuel Spills

Nkrumah Samuel, a Ghanaian actor cum movie director who went viral after throwing a big birthday party at the cemetery, has given reasons for his actions.

Naija News reports that Samuel who is popularly known as Remes Kay, and his friends recently wore white as they celebrated in a cemetery.

In the video that went viral, a high table decorated with drinks and a cake was placed between gravestones as the celebrant made merry with friends.

Speaking in an interview with Abena Gold, the actor said his motive for celebrating in a cemetery was to pass the message that one’s birthday isn’t just the addition of a year but it also means the subtraction of a year from the years they have to live.

He also added that he has been haunted by ghosts after the celebration.

In the interview conducted in his local language, Remes Kay explained that since his birthday party, he has been seeing scary things and he believes ghosts are now after his life.

This article was originally published on Nigeria News

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