‘Why Hoodlums Attacked Nkechi Blessing, Production Crew’

Nkechi Blessing’s production manager, Akinyemi Olufemi has revealed why they were attacked by hoodlums at a movie location in Abeokuta, Ogun State.

Naija News reports that a video had gone viral showing thugs attacking the popular actress and her crew.

Reports also emerged claiming Olufemi, who is also an actor, was hit with a stone in the face by one of the thugs.

Speaking to Saturday Tribune, Femi said the thugs who attacked them damaged their location bus’ wind screen and side mirror of the director’s car.

He said: “It was three of them that came and they started ranting saying we had to pay them before we could continue shooting. Meanwhile, this was my area too o. This their act was expected and we already prepared for them, but their approach will now tell on our response too. Sometimes, some of them ask for a ridiculous amount of about N700, 000.

“Before we know what was going on, they already pulled off the cable from our generating plant, this escalated the issue because everyone had to come out to check what has happened. We tried to manage the situation and we were able to continue our shoot and the guys were waiting for us to finish shooting. But there was this particular guy among them who was more stubborn.

“I don’t know if the guy had an ulterior motive that day other than coming to request for money before we can continue our shoot, because when he started ranting outside, Nkechi already gave me some money to give to him but they guy was not even ready to collect the money. He just started ranting saying all sort of things like, Nkechi is a ritualist and started destroying the cars’ side mirrors and all that.

“When I also came out to address the issue as the production manager on that set, the guy just picked up a stone, threw it at me and it hit me on the face, that I was even hospitalized. But thank God I was taken care of by the producer – Nkechi Blessing and I didn’t have to spend the night in the hospital.”

This article was originally published on Nigeria News

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