Why Discovery Your Destiny?

Why Discovery Your Destiny?

“Before i formed you the stomach I knew you, and before you came forth out of the womb I santified you. I appointed you a prophet to the nations.” Jeremiah 1:5 (IKJV)

Destiny is the purpose for your living. Destiny is the reason for your existence on planet earth. Understand that, destiny without purpose, is a useless destiny!

Nobody lives for nothing, because God does not create anything for nothing. God is too big to create you and I for nothing! Destiny is the reason for your season of reigning.

Prophet Jeremiah thought he was an ordinary human being existing on earth; until God took him to destiny school to enlighten his mental faculty. One significant thing you have to know about yourself is that; it doesn’t matter who doesn’t know you now, but God knew you before you ever emerged in your mother’s womb. God knows your species. God knows your capability. God knows what you’re up to. God knows what you can do, and what you cannot do.

Before you were ever born, God selected and separated you apart for His specific assignment on earth. God does not use a useless vessel; if you were useless, He wouldn’t set you apart and sanctified you for His own use.

You were not elected into your destiny podium, rather you werewere divinely appointed. That means, your position of destiny is incontestable; you’re the only candidate qualified for your destiny position. For God to appoint you means, no one could be fitted into that position of yours.

Stop despising yourself like Jeremiah, God is looking into your ability and not your inability. God is looking into your sufficiency and not your insufficiency. Don’t limit yourself because of several failures you have encountered before now.

According to John Wooden; “Don’t let what you can’t do stop you from what you can do.”

When you engage in the field you were never called by God; struggles become your long-term experience! Your destiny will give you a life free of stress.

When you discover your destiny, which is the purpose for your existence, and you recovered it by properly aligning yourself to function in it; you don’t look for good news, rather good news looks for you naturally. God will never send help or helper to you in the field He never called you, because every genuine employee is entitled to his or salary as at when due. So, God can only pay you in the field He employed you.

When you discover your destiny, which is your place of potential or talent, and you desire to settle in it; then God will show you your warehouse that contains your good news.

Destiny is a divine human escalator for unusual acceleration in life. Destiny is your vehicle for your safe journey in life. Destiny is your sight of flight. You go nowhere, until your destiny is activated.

Destiny gives quality value to your destiny volumes. People will take you for granted, if you’re outside your destiny.

Destiny is a divine industry where answers for generation are produced. For example, by destiny exploitation; the Wright Brothers invented aircraft to easy humans journey or tourism in life. Thomas Edison manufactured electricity bulbs to solving humans problem of darkness on earth. And many others. Beloved, it is only in your destiny, you can answer the questions of your generation.

Inside your destiny, you carry the DNA or genetics and chromosomes for divine creativity. You’re not meant to be stranded if your destiny is active. Those who discovered their destiny don’t blame government for their calamities; because they help government to be out of calamities.

Beloved, if you want to boom this year, dare to discover your areas of passion, enthusiasm, talent, potential etc., and invest in it with all your might and strength. Dear reader, strive to be a producer, and not just a consumer of products; which is what destiny can do for you. Invest in your singing potential, artistic ability, motivating potential, creative potential, helping potential, and so on.

Remember that, the world is yet to see the best out of you; so, look inward, and the world will come looking for you any moment from now. Don’t die a nonentity, but live as a celebrity.

Refecting Prayers:- Father, thank you for this inspired word to this new month. I receive the grace to discover my destiny, and activate it this year, for my lifting. Amen!

Today’s Spiritual Capsule: Don’t die a nonentity, but live as a celebrity.

Spiritual Caution! Use your destiny to bring glory to God, because who you please on earth with your life today, determines where you shall spend your eternity, when this life is over!

God bless you. Shalom!