Who is the Mr. Olympia 2022 winner?

IN the world of bodybuilding there is no greater accomplishment than being crowned Mr. Olympia 2022 – the most prestigious fitness showcase in the world.

And for one lucky contestant, that dream became a reality. Here’s a look at who won Mr Olympia 2022 and will now join a long list of title winners, including the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

InstagramHadi Choopan was crowned Mr. Olympia 2022[/caption]

Who is the Mr. Olympia 2022 winner?

After an intense two days, Iranian bodybuilder and veteran competitor Hadi Choopan was crowned the Mr. Olympia champion.

In a surprise turn of events, the defending champion, “Big Ramy” Elssbiay fell to fifth place and Hadi Choopan took over the Mr. Olympia throne.

Along with a new title, Choopon took home a staggering $40,000 out of the events impressive $1.6 million prize purse.

What are the Mr. Olympia 2022 results in all categories?

Mr. Olympia 2022 featured a number of different throughout the weekend.

Here are the top five results from each division.

Mr. Olympia (Men’s Open)

First place — Hadi Choopan ($400,000)Second Place — Derek Lunsford ($150,000)Third Place — Nick Walker ($100,000)Fourth Place — Brandon Curry ($40,000)Fifth Place — Big Ramy ($35,000)

Classic Physique

First place — Chris Bumstead ($50,000)Second Place — Ramon Rocha Queiroz ($20,000)Third Place — Urs Kalecinski ($10,000)Fourth Place — Breon Ansley ($6,000)Fifth Place — Mike Sommerfeld ($4,000)

Men’s Physique

First place — Erin Banks ($50,000)Second Place — Brandon Hendrickson ($20,000)Third Place — Diogo Montenegro ($10,000)Fourth Place — Charjo Grant ($6,000)Fifth Place — Edvan Palmeira ($4,000)

212 Olympia

First place — Shaun Clarida ($50,000)Second Place — Angel Calderon Frias ($20,000)Third Place — Kamal Elgargni ($10,000)Fourth Place — Ahmad Ashkanani ($6,000)Fifth Place — Oleh Kryvyi ($4,000)

Ms. Olympia

First Place — Andrea Shaw ($50,000)Second Place — Angela Yeo ($20,000)Third Place — Helle Trevino ($12,000)Fourth Place — Margie Martin ($7,000)Fifth Place – Branka Njegovec ($6,000)

Figure Olympia

First Place — Cydney Gillon ($50,000)Second Place — Jessica Reyes Padilla ($20,000)Third Place — Lola Montez ($12,000)Fourth Place – Jossie Alarcon Becerra ($7,000)Fifth Place — Natalia Soltero ($6,000)

Fitness Olympia

First Place — Missy Truscott ($50,000)Second Place — Jaclyn Baker ($20,000)Third Place — Ariel Khadr ($12,000)Fourth Place — Sara Kovach ($7,000)Fifth Place – Michelle Fredua-Mensah ($6,000)

Women’s Physique Olympia

First Place — Natalia Abraham Coelho ($50,000)Second Place — Sarah Villegas ($20,000)Third Place — Brooke Walker ($12,000)Fourth Place — Barbara Menage ($7,000)Fifth Place – Ivie Rhein ($6,000)

Wellness Olympia

First Place — Francielle Mattos ($50,000)Second Place — Isabelle Nunes ($20,000)Third Place — Angela Borges ($12,000)Fourth Place — Kassandra Gillis ($7,000)Fifth Place — Rayane Fogal de Souza Santana ($6,000)


First Place — Maureen Blanquisco $50,000Second Place — Jennifer Dorie $20,000Third Place — Ashley Kaltwasser $12,000Fourth Place — Daraja Hill $7,000Fifth Place — Lauralie Chapados $6,000

Men’s Wheelchair Olympia

First Place — Harold KelleySecond Place — Gabriele Andriulli Third Place — Antoni Khadraoui Fourth Place — Pierre KavalinFifth Place — Adelfo Cerame, Jr

Who is Mr. Olympia 2022 winner Hadi Choopan?

Hadi Choopan, born in 1987, is an an Iranian professional bodybuilder and now the Mr. Olympia 2022 winner.

From 2011 t0 2016, he was a fixed member of the Iranian National Bodybuilding Team.

Throughout his fitness career, Choopan has competed several times at the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB) contests and won various titles. 

Some of those honours include, 105 provincial gold medals and 33 national medals.

He has been nicknamed as “The Persian Wolf”, due to his origins.

Who is Mr. Olympia classic physique winner Chris Bumstead?

Also picking up yet another title at Mr. Olympia was classic physique winner Chris Bumstead.

Chris Bumstead, born February 2, 1995, is a Canadian IFBB professional bodybuilder and the reigning Mr. Olympia Classic Physique winner – a title which saw him rise to international fame.

2022 saw Bumstead pick up his fourth title in the division.

Aside putting his strength to the ultimate test during competitions, he maintains a large online presence with content focusing on his lifestyle and bodybuilding.

He is often referred to by his nickname CBum.

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