Who is powerlifter Luke Stoltman and what is relation to Tom Stoltman?

LUKE Stoltman has impressed the public over the years with his superhuman strength.

He’s known for being a professional strongman, but who is he?

Joe Martinez , Worlds Strongest ManTom and Luke Stoltman are famous powelifters[/caption]

Who is Luke Stoltman?

Luke Stoltman was on born November 22, 1984 and is a Scottish professional strongman competitor.

He was brought up in Invergordon, Ross and Cromarty, and was the first of five children.

Luke attended Newmore Primary School and Invergordon Academy and was an avid footballer before moving his focus to weight training by the age of 15.

Throughout his early twenties his training consisted of mostly bodybuilder type programs.

What is Luke Stoltman’s relation to World’s strongest man Tom Stoltman?

Luke is the brother of the World’s strongest man Tom Stoltman.

The two of them are widely regarded as the strongest brothers in history due to being the only ones to both qualify for the World’s Strongest Man finals which they have managed in 2019, 2021, 2022 and 2023.

Their mother passed away in 2016 and the brothers regularly say their mother’s influence was key to inspiring them to succeed in their careers.

In 2021 a tribute to Luke and brother Tom was installed by Invergordon Community Council in their hometown.

The entrances to Invergordon were updated to include their names and achievements which reads “Welcome to Invergordon Hometown of the Stoltman Brothers World, European and UK Strongest Men”.

How long has Luke Stoltman competed in powerlifting?

Luke’s powerlifting career began when he entered a local deadlift competition in 2011 aged 27 which he won.

This then led to him taking part in the Highlands Strongest Man in 2012 which was held in a gym car park in Inverness, where he again placed first.

In 2013 Luke competed in his first UK’s Strongest Man, where he placed seventh.

He then went on to win five consecutive Scotland’s Strongest Man titles from 2013 – 2017, and improved his Britain’s Strongest Man placing each year, reaching fourth by 2017.

It was in 2020 when Luke had first podium finish at Britain’s Strongest Man.

Most recently, at Worlds Strongest Man 2022 Luke finished in seventh place.