Who is Ollie Robinson’s former partner Lauren Rose Pullen?

ASHES ace Ollie Robinson has split from his long-term partner Lauren Rose Pullen, according to reports.

The former couple’s split reportedly came just three months before they were due to get married, with invites to the occasion already sent out to friends and family.

Instagram @_laurenroseOllie Robinson has reportedly split from his partner Lauren Rose Pullen[/caption]

Who is Lauren Rose Pullen?

Lauren Rose Pullen is the former partner of English cricket player Ollie Robinson.

According to her Instagram bio, Lauren is a designer.

Prior to reportedly going their separate ways, she travelled around the world watching the England cricket team on tour.

Aside from this information, not much else is known about Lauren’s personal life.

How long were Lauren Rose Pullen and Ollie Robinson together?

Robinson had been dating Lauren for eight years, with the former couple due to tie the knot in October 2023.

However, just three months before the nuptials, the England cricketer pulled the plug on their wedding and started a new relationship with Instagram star Mia Baker, the Mail reports.

All traces of their relationship have been removed from both of their Instagram accounts.

Discussing the split, a Mail source revealed: “Lauren is heartbroken and totally devastated.

“One minute she was getting ready to marry the man she loves and spend the rest of her life with him and the next, he leaves her and she finds out that he’s seeing someone else.

“Despite the pain he’s caused, he’s not shy of liking and commenting on Mia’s Instagram posts.”

The source added: “We were invited to the wedding but then in late July we were told that it had been called off and that Ollie was seen with Mia by some of the England team.

“A lot of them and us are disgusted by what he’s done.

“We all thought that he had finally settled down and saw him as a family man because he and Lauren appeared to be so happy.”

Do Lauren Rose Pullen and Ollie Robinson have any children?

During their eight year relationship, Lauren and Ollie welcomed one child together.

The pair share a daughter named Sienna, who was born in July 2020.