‘Where Una Dey See This Money’ Reactions As Nollywood Actress Transforms Childhood Home Into Mansion

Nollywood actress, Destiny Etiko has taken to social media to show off the huge house she built while narrating her experience living in a mud house.

The actress while recounting her childhood living in a mud house urged people not to give up no matter how bad their circumstances are at the present moment.
The Enugu-born actress stressed that God wiped both her tears and that of her mothers who lived in a house filled with leaked rooms.

Sharing photos of her new home, she wrote; ‘Had a recap of my growing up this morning and I literally broke down in tears and yes, I have every reason to be grateful to God.

“We always prayed that rain shouldn’t come cos once it does….our roof would take off and our rooms would be filled with water the roof leaked (uncontrollably)

“But today, God has not just blessed me but has wiped the tears from my mother’s eyes.

NEVER GIVE UP .Keep working hard and with prayers…God will perfect your story one day”

Fans and colleagues of the actress stormed her page with congratulatory messages on her new home.

yuledochie wrote; ‘Chai! I know the feeling. While praying this morning I had tears in my eyes just remembering years back. All I could do was to thank God. Big Congratulations Dramadoll. Many more blessings shall follow you.’

ucheelendu wrote; ‘Great God!!! You are Blessed and a Blessing’

StagethemTVee wrote; ‘Not sure it’s the same house. She was only reflecting on the house she lived while growing versus the house she lives now. She is thankful for how far God has brought her family”

alpharoyalty wrote; ‘Where una dey see this money’

This article was originally published on Naija News