Online Sport Betting

What Are The Best Sports to Bet On?

In spite of the risks involved, betting could be very rewarding. One thing is how it gets you even more passionate about the sports you love. But at the same time, you get some benefits flowing to you from time to time.

So, just like many other bettors, you want to know the best sports that can guarantee your winnings. Of course, your passion comes first. If you don’t love the sport, it’s complex to make informed betting decisions. 

While you have the passion on one hand, some sports generally offer more betting perks than others. Anyone you prefer, it’s right on IrokoBet. But first, let’s run through some of the best sports to bet.


Cliché? Well, maybe. But the truth is football takes the lead of all sports when it comes to betting. Think about how many football leagues are available in the world, or even in Europe alone. So, with the many leagues, also come many betting options, and opportunities to win. It’s also much easier to predict than many other sports. 

Not only that, there are a lot of odds to bet on. Perhaps if a team scores first, or if a  particular player scores. It’s a long list, and you can choose to stake on anyone. More options, more ways to win. 


Just like football, basketball has a large following and many options for bettors. From the United States, France and China to Mexico, basketball has many games going on to choose from. And right on the field, many more events are happening that you can stake on.


Yes, Rafael Nadal cleared Djokovic off the pitch at the just-concluded French Open. But that final score wasn’t the only thing that happened at the match. The winner of each round, the first player to lose a serve, and all that are actual games on With scores of games happening globally, you’ve got enough betting options to always win.

Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey being on this list might be a surprise, but if you think of how interesting the game is, it’s actually worth the popularity. From Sweden to Russia, Norway, France, and across Europe, this game on ice has a lot going on to help you make the most of your stakes.


And about volleyball, it’s also one of your best options in sports betting. The consistency and multiple options you need to always win yourself some cash are here also. However you want it, check out what games are happening soon on IrokoBet.

That’s our top five. Sure, this doesn’t mean any caveat or, a final say on what you can or may not bet on. But then, it’s a guide that can help your betting decisions. If you’re also looking to expand beyond the sport you currently bet on, this is your go-to guide.