Well- Endowed Nollywood Actress, Gold Reveals How She Got Her Curves

Fast rising actress, Aluko Gold better known as Diva Gold, has disclosed her curves are natural and were gotten from her mother who is blessed with big bossom.

The actress made this known in a recent encounter with Saturday Sun where she also lamented the challenges she faces as a well-endowed lady with killer curves.

The Ekiti State-born content creator, said, “My body and curves are very natural. My mummy is busty, her sisters are busty and they are blessed with big butts. So, I tapped from all angles. It’s only that my big tummy is embarrassing me. One of the challenges I face is that, every time I go out with my friends, attention is always on me, and I feel so uncomfortable. Maybe, that’s why I don’t have friends. Then, the attention I get daily from strangers, but that shouldn’t be a challenge because I’m enjoying it. Men obviously can’t get their eyes off my sexy curves. Recently, I went to shoot at Sky Mall in Ajah, Lagos; I was actually talking to my male friend when a guy walked up to us and begged to speak to me in private. I had to excuse myself because the guy was quite handsome.”

Recalling her early days in Nollywood, the Computer Science graduate rued how the industry has turned into a sex haven.

Hear her: “My challenges in the early days of the movie industry will be producers and directors asking for sex before giving me roles. It’s as bad as that. Even, an ordinary production manager would ask for sex before linking one up with directors. And for skit making, the challenges are basically financial constraints, bringing people on set, welfare, camera and all of that. It can be financially draining.”

This article was originally published on Nigeria News