“We Can Banish The Demons” – Moghalu Reveals Why He’s Contesting 2023 Presidency In Nigeria

Former Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Prof. Kingsley Moghalu has declared why he is interested in becoming the next President of Nigeria.

The presidential aspirant stated that Nigeria is blessed with abundant resources and he has plans on how to harness these resources to work for the country.

Speaking on Thursday at a press briefing in Abuja, the African Democratic Congress (ADC) presidential hopeful lamented the challenges facing the country to include epileptic power supply, high inflation rate, poor economic situation, and bad governance.

He however added that he is convinced there are workable solutions to all the challenges and that is why he is offering himself to Nigerians to become their next leader and take the country to greater heights.

Specifically, Moghalu pointed at ‘demons’ depriving Nigeria of electricity but added that they can be banished.

“With inflation at above 15 percent, most Nigerians see continuing decline in their standard of living. Even those more fortunate have been jolted back to reality with the acute increases in the prices of diesel, now selling above N700 per litre,” he said.

“However, I am convinced that we can overcome these challenges as a country and as a people. This is the reason I have offered myself for consideration to Nigerians as president.

“I did this in 2019. I have again offered myself for the office of president in 2023. We have our plans; we are not just talking, but it is up to the electorate at the end of the day. I am running because I have a vision for the country and capacity to govern and take the country to a greater height.

“As a presidential aspirant of the ADC, we are not here to say all hope is lost. What we are here to say is that there is hope of a turnaround in the situation of the country and in our realities as citizens.

“We have endured the night, not to remain in it, but because of the hope of a new dawn. Nigeria remains a blessed land of great potentials. Our lands remain fertile, and underneath them are some of the world’s prized minerals. We can turn our agriculture and solid minerals, not only to our engine of growth, but also massive job creation.

“And we can banish the demons depriving us of electricity, because we can invest across the value chain of electricity.”

This article was originally published on Nigeria News

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