Watch moment snooker ref is forced to apologise to player after forgetting to warn rival over second miss

THERE WAS drama at the Welsh Open today as a referee was forced to apologise to Oliver Brown for forgetting the rules.

The shock incident occurred in Jack Lisowski’s 4-2 win in Llandudno.

AlamyJack Lisowski got away with one at the Welsh Open[/caption]

EurosportThe referee was forced to apologise after an error went in the star’s favour[/caption]

EurosportLisowski made three fouls shots but the official failed to warn him after the second[/caption]

The controversy happened in the third frame when Brown had his rival in a sticky situation.

Lisowski was able to see the red fully, therefore he was not technically snookered, but he needed to just clip the edge of it in order to not give his opponent a chance to pot.

However, the 32-year-old Englishman’s first attempt missed the red completely and hit the pink.

That gifted Brown six points, and soon he was handed another six when Lisowski fouled for a second time.

Lisowski, who previously opened up on his stalker hell, then aimed for a third time, running the risk of conceding the frame as a result of the three-miss rule. 

That states that a failure to hit a ball three times in a row results in the other player being awarded the frame.

Lisowski went on to miss the red for a third time, but confusion reigned as play in the Welsh Open continued with Brown returning to the table rather than his rival conceding the frame.

It has now been confirmed the bizarre reason why – and it was all down to an error from the referee.


The rule only comes into effect once the referee has warned the player following their second miss, something that official Dave Ford seemingly did not do.

Therefore, he was unable to award the frame to Brown and was instead spotted explaining the situation to Lisowski before heading over to the former to apologise.

The scenes caused confusion all-around, with Eurosport’s scoreboard accidentally awarding the points to Lisowski temporarily.

To rub further walt in his wound, Brown went on to blow a 22-point lead as Lisowski took the frame that should have been awarded to his foe.

And he went on to claim the victory and his spot in the last 32 against either Gary Wilson or Iulian Boiko.

EurosportThere was confusion all-around as even the scoreboard got the scores wrong[/caption]