Watch moment golfer totally loses it on course as he rips off T-shirt and HULKS UP after being accused of stealing ball

THIS is the moment a golfer became enraged and ripped off his T-shirt after being accused of stealing a golf ball.

A stunning viral video showed a clip of the moment a golf party began arguing with a man due to a dispute over a ball.

Twitter @NUCLRGOLFA golfer was involved in a furious confrontation with another party over a golf ball[/caption]

Twitter @NUCLRGOLFA viral video saw him remove his top after being accused of stealing a golf ball[/caption]

Twitter @NUCLRGOLFWith the man then grunting and yelling[/caption]

The clip, originally posted on TikTok, begins in the manner many would expect a disagreement to be conducted with a clash of words between the two parties.

However, the man – pictured wearing a khaki pair of shorts and a striped green and white T-shirt – then turned the dial to 100.

In the minute-long clip, the man can be heard saying: “You’ll leave after I don’t give you a god damn thing.”

He then holds up the ball as the confrontation continued with the cameraperson’s party demanding the ball the man is holding be returned.

The man then fired an X-rated demand for a man to “get off the cart”.

Shockingly, he then pulled off his shirt before flexing his muscles and screaming profanities towards the group.

He can also be heard yelling: “Been to heaven, leave me alone.”

The first golf buggy in the group then drove off, followed swiftly by the second as the man stared down the person holding the camera.


It is unclear exactly where or when the dispute happened, or whether any action was taken by golf course officials.

Nevertheless, fans had plenty to say about it online.

One wrote: “Escalated so quickly.”

A second said: “This is scarier than the gator videos.”

A third shared an image of Marvel superhero The Incredible Hulk in the comments.

“I lost it when he took the shirt off ,” remarked a fourth.

While a fifth typed: “Got a feeling that’s why he’s playing as a single.”

Another added: “This is the best video ever.”

Twitter @NUCLRGOLFThe man hurled profanities towards the cameraperson recording[/caption]

Twitter @NUCLRGOLFThe man then put his top behind his neck as the golf party drove off[/caption]

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